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Not after that!

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After the Southampton performance all the dreams of CL glory are about gone. What a crap performance, miserable. I think this also ends specualtion about possible ZZ or Nakata tranfers...
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There were players there today who didn't perform.
If I was Robbie Fowler I would felt very dissapointed on being subbed. He got no service what so ever from midfield.
The CL is still theoretically within reach. But then we need a favour from our "beloved" blue neighbours tomorrow. I do hope (and believe) that Everton will do as they did to us in our recent 0-0 draw - use their physique. Hopefully they will fight Leeds out of style.

And if we can't beat Bradford in our last game, then we aren't CL material. The Southampton game tonight was a miserable affair. Pool have failed to deliver when it has mattered most. A couple of weeks ago, we basically had the CL ticket in our hand. We haven't scored in 4 games. We can't extend that run. At least not to a team like Bradford! We need goals galore!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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