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Nordic soccer stadiums

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Please be as kind as to post some images of stadiums from your native countries.

Here are some stadium images from Finland :

FC Jazz stadium in Pori :

AC Allianssi stadium (Silva Stadion) in Vantaa :

Tampere United's home ground Tammela which will be re-constructed in 2 years unless Ratina is converted into a 40,000 football stadium. The Tammela stadium will be one of the first stadiums in Europe to use artificial grass that follows UEFA standards :

MyPa home ground in the town of Anjalankoski :

FC Lahti home ground in Lahti :

FC Haka home ground in the town of Valkeakoski :

HJK & FC Jokerit home ground the Finnair Stadium in Helsinki :

Helsinki Olympic Stadium 40,000. Biggest stadium in nordic Europe. The stadium will have a roof for the 2005 athletics world championships. The stadium may also be enlarged to 45,000 seats. The roof may not be accepted my the Finnish history society so it remains to be seen wether it will be ready by 2005. This depends on the funding as well :
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Here is a good picture from the air. This shows the national stadium in Tórshavn and Gundadalur Stadium(home of HB and B36).

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