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Non-EU players

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Actually this is not a new topic. But seems to me the Club has been so obsessed into buying new players that they are not doing anything about this.
With Balic wanting to stay and fight for his place and Del Bosque targetting Savo, the greatest concern is where're all the extra non-EU players going? B team?
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Welcome to our board Cliffordil!

I dont think we have such a big problem with it. Teams like Inter and Lazio might have...

And don't be so sure of Savo coming!

i tihmk roberto carlos etting spanish citizenship and savio getting french citizenship is going to get the problem over.
baljic might be sold.
Balic will get sold. Is just a matter of how much we can overcharge for him :D
The concern is all the more urgent now that UEFA is moving for more homegrown players (6 I think) to play in each team.
And actually I wasn't hoping for Savo to come. I mean, he may be a good striker but I don't think he's good enough for our club.
And to furiablanca, from the injury and performance of last season, I don't think we can OVERcharge. Rather, I think selling him will be cutting down the loss of his $12M price tag. But if he's really as good as you people said (scores goals from outside the 12 yard area), I think he can be a good backup for Raul or Savio. You know, so that our star players get to rest and play only the more important matches (like what Juve did with Zidane).
I think it kinda sucks for a player to go to another team have an injury prone year and be told that he isn't wanted anymore :( It's not a matter of overcharging is how crazy the buyers are, and in this case the buyers are turkish clubs that seem to be willing to pay lots for Balic. :)
You people are talking s***. No one really seen how man play and they ALL want to sell him ! Who knows, maybe Savio will be backup for him...
Welcome to the board ASROMA!!!!
The only thing crazier than us are the Italian football barons :D:D
At least we are not like inter, buying a player like Georgatos and selling him back for LESS!!!!
We will get our money back from this guy one way or another and the turks seem to be willing to make this happen :)
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