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Home Grown -

I understand that both the FIGC and UEFA have similar rules in regards to HG players. There must be 4 HG in Italy and 4 HG in-house. Failure to meet these requirements results in reducing the permitted squad size for UEFA competition. Yet is there any similar punishment domestically?

Last season we had Marchiso and Rugani as our HG in-house players, with Rugani included through a loophole, of the then still active co-ownership system. He had not been registered to play for Juve for the required 3 years between 16 and 21, and the tie at Empoli was counted to make up the 3 years.

This season we will have Marchisio and Rugani, but any others? Does UEFA also count Rugani as HG in-house, or just the FIGC?


As I understand it, every serie A club is allowed to make 2 NON-EU signings per season, from clubs outside of Italy. There is no restriction however on signing NON-EU players from within Italy? I suspect there is a rule there? What is it!?

Benatia and Cuadrado were our 2 from last year. We have signed Bentancur, which leaves us one spot for NON-EU from a foreign club?

If we were to sell a NON-EU to a foreign club, we can then add an extra slot to bring one new NON-EU players into Italy? If we were, however, to sell a NON-EU to another italian club, we would not then be able to bring in a NON-EU from outside Italy?

And what if we loan Bentancur? As seems likely? I assume this means little, as the rule is intended to limit the amount coming into Italy, or at least keep it steady and not out of control?

Ay clarification of these rules will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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As per my knowledge, UEFA and FIGC have different rules for home grown players as Rugani is considered HG as per FIGC rules but not in UEFA... UEFA strictly requires to have the player under the club's books whereas FIGC are more relaxed and consider co-owned players as being under the club's books even if they played the season for the other co-owned club (Empoli) in this case....

As for upcoming HG players.. I can think of Audero and Moise Kean... and any players who can step up from the Primavera
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