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Big talks about the possibility of no silverware for Lazio this season and my response to that is - so what !!

In italy you can win 2 titles. One huge title, maybe the finest title in the world - Lo Scudetto and the coppa italia.

We have 6 teams on almost equal terms fighting for 2 titles and here is a quick rundown of the teams.

Juve - impressive this season and really the most mature team in Serie A no doubt. I don´t know if it´s in the walls of their clubhouse or what the hell it is but the players belive that they are better then they acctually are and so can raise their game and gather confidence from past victories.

Future for Juve looks very bright with a good mix of young and old players and they have gone through a generations change much better then the other italian top teams.

Lazio - I have to say that we have been even more impressive then Juventus this season. Nestas abscense meant that we where going to conceed more goals then we normally do and this happened against Valencia, one of two really bad games this season ( roma ). Again against Viola we conceeded 3 goals and that is just not like us. The lack of a good attacker ( scratch Salas he is out of confidence and as far as I´m concerned can not go on in the Lazio jersey next season ) forced our midfield to think only of attack and that was always going to put strain on our defence. If you look at it this way our defence this season ( when nesta plays ) has been outstanding - Considering we haven´t had the backup from midfield like we usually do. Boksic has scored 3 goals this season and Salas 10 with Simone picking up another 2 or so goals. 15 goals out of 53 from our collective attackers ?? That shows how great our midfield is but it´s not a well balanced team. Both Zac and Ancelotti said early in this season that Lazio has the most skilled team but skill is not everything and we need the winning mentality. I don´t know if Eriksson for all the good he does still isn´t able to inject selfbelife into the hearts of the Lazio players ?? I´m positive that his rotation system is essential for the success of Lazio and we can maybe look back next season and say that the thing missing was a great attacker.

Still the future looks very bright considering that most of our first choice starters are in their mid 20s and we have a solid base to build on. Cragnotti might decide to build a stadium for Lazio or we´ll buy Olimpico with Roma and keep our parties there. I´m sure that the fact that Lazio has been doing so great lately will raise the nr of fans and next season we´ll hopefully see more tickets sold and less fan trouble.

Milan - Spend more money then both Juventus and Lazio this season with big buys, but they really only hit jackpot with Sheva. His youth and his 20+ goals this season makes him, Ambrosini, Gattuso, Abiatti and Jose Mari the future of Milan. This season Milan will be without any titles and they are still uncertain for the Champions Leauge next season so there is no doubt in my mind when I say that Milan should have done much better - still there are only 2 domestic and 1 european title to fight for.

Future is always bright for Milan with the backing of Berlusconi and his money. Milan is also very popular and this year will soon be forgotten. As with Juve they have the winning mentality in the walls of their clubhouse and that also makes them more confident. Still Milan are only the nr 2 team in Milano now days.

Inter - Hugely popular team even though their 90s have been terrible and their 00s look to continue the same path. I have to say and I think most will agree with me that when I saw the Inter lineup for this season there was no doubt in my mind that this team was going to be nr 1 this season. After a 5 - 0 crushing of Parma this feeling grew about 200 %. Vieri ( it wasn´t a mistake to sell him ) will be back next season but will Lippi still be their coach ?? Seedorf was a mistake and he will never be the playmaker they so badly need. Inter are currently 6th in the standings and are not in reach of a champions leauge position but with a somewhat easier scheduale then Parma and Roma. The problem with Inter is that they can´t find the right team spirit and seem very dependant on one player even if they have so many star players on the bench.

I´m sure Moratti will continue spending big bucks as long as he has his oil company and as long as he´s president Inter are safe. The fact that they enjoy the second highest attendance can´t hurt either - only Roma has more local fans then Inter.

Roma - First I thought that Roma looked so so, then Candela - Totti - Montella and Delvecchio went crazy and ran through everything and then back to basics. Assuncao will be very useful and Nakata is also a great buy but where will Emerson fit in if they keep Totti and Nakata. Can Capello make all those offensiv players work as a single unit then Roma are in for one hellofa season next season. Delvecchio hasn´t really been outstanding this season but Montella is a much better version of Simone / Pippo Inzaghi - Congrats on the buy Sensi.

With the fans behind them and Sensi Roma will keep being a top club and next season could be theirs if they can make all those individual players klick. Nakata has to be more defensive and the same goes for Emerson but that is really wasting 2 great offensiv players. I think that either Totti goes or Nakata goes or Totti moves up and replaces Delvecchio as a striker. That would be a waste aswell - what is Sensi thinking when he´s buying players ?? Last season when Roma where conceeding goals like no other team he went and bought Fabio Junior ?? :)

Parma - I really liked Parma last season but this season they have been up and down like a jojo. Of course with so many injuries it´s amazing that they are in contention of a CL place but let´s not forget that this team spends as much money as the other top teams on players. Next season Canavarro - Thuram - Amoroso - Crespo and Buffon along with their new teammates will seriously challenge the rest of Serie A for Lo Scudetto.

Parma suffers from the fact that their stadium is almost never full it´s capacity is below 30k. It´s obvious - the more people the more tickets sold the more a team can invest, luckily Parma are backed by gigants Parmalat and can afford not to draw the amount of people the other top teams does.

The situation is similar abroad but no other leauge has the depth of Serie A - Fiorentina performed really well in europe missing the next phase of the CL by a fraction beating teams like United and Arsenal on it´s way. In Serie A they can´t hold a candle to the top teams. PL has United, Arsenal and Liverpool and I guess I have to count Chelsea among their top teams even if it hurts my soul :). These 4 are the only teams that have a realistic chance of going places but honestly Chelsea have been playing above their standards in europe.

La Primera has Gigants Barcelona and Real both teams enjoy bigger fan bases then all Serie A clubs but Juventus. I constantly read that Real are in financial trouble but still they manage to spend some 30$ on Anelka and god knows how much they spend on other players. Real are in need of a new central defender and a leader on the field but players like Raul :) Balic, Guti, Mcmanaman, Morientes, Carlos and Redondo are all fairly young and this team has the foundation on which you can build a dream team. Barca I´m is spitting out talented players from their own ranks: Nonda, Xavi, Gabri and Simao ( sounds like a pokemon film ) are players that have impressed everyone ( Xavi is going to be huge ) and Barca needs some setbacks to keep them from blowing up :).

Behind the top 2 we have exciting teams that are all finding themselves in a much better place financially: Dept La Coruna might become champions this season, Valencia ( do I have to talk about

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Svenis i agree
Milan spent truckloads of cash on youth
but now we have the primavera champs plus
Francesco Coco (loaned to torino)
Fabrico Colocini (finanally available to play after getting int clearance)
Gianni Commandini (great striker Inter fans belive he is the young vieri)
not to mention

The futer would look bright for milan if only we had a coach who had tthe BALLS to use these youngsters
milan in 2001-2002
Abbiatti (nowin nat team with buffon fighting for a starting role)
Colocini-THURMA/roque jnr-ilCAPITANO (in his last year)
Mari(yes he can play rw)-Ambro-Gattuso-Coco
Gallardo (hey i can dream :) :) :))
Sheva-Rebrov(he is signed and waiting to be delivered)

Truly in the next couple of years we will see all team have equal financial terms and ther will NOT be any more DOMINATION
like early 90's by milan and mid/late 90's by JUVE

Forza Milan
Forza LAZIO (you did italy proud today)



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I am not so sure its really fair to say that AC Milan is the number 2 club in Milano. Having spent a great deal time in Milan, and met many Milanese, I would say that as a matter of fact there are more AC milan fans thant there are those of inter. What's more, apart from the following Inter gets because of Nike sponorship and R9, AC Milan is followed is followed much more closely around the world. In reality there two real teams in italy: AC Milan and Juventus. In the last ten years only these two teams have one the scudetto.

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Alecr; it's correct that Milna/Juve have made an impressive run scudetto wise, but as HEHE was saying times are changing. Juve and Milan will ALWAYS be teams to reckon with, but the financial development of the other teams have seen Parma and Lazio establish themselves in the topflight and Roma may be officially joyning next season.
Inter is "Grande" allready, but they desperately needs to deliver before they can establish themselves as a team to really reckon with on a regular basis.

I pretty much agree with all that Svennis wrote (can You and I just agree that we won't mention Valencia and Celta for the next month- not A SINGLE TIME- svennis :) ?).
With all the rebuilding we'll see for next season I can honestly only see 3 REAL candidates for Lo scudetto: Lazio/Juve and Parma as the very strong outsider. Apart from Fiorentina the other big teams can win it too, but with their uncertain squadcompositions they will have to gel uncanningly fast.
It's going to be extremely exciting to see, but just to finish of on a controversial notion I would just like say one thing to You svennis; I understand Your "no silverware so what" sentence, because You (Lazio) have made a strong run this year and really established Yourself.
But a BIG team can't say that. Winning on a regular basis defines a big team- no matter what competition they face domestically.
Someone here at Xtratime has a subtitle going "second place is the first loser", and as tough as that is- it's true. There's honour to it still, but no team will be considered truly gigantic if they haven't won the scudetto or CL. Fantastic team- yes. Potentially "Grande"- yes, but You need to win one of them.
Looking at all parametres NO team in Italy has better chances of joyining that exclusive elite of Juve, Milan, Barca, Real, Man. U and Bayern Munchen than Lazio. You just need that ONE thriumph. I'm quite sure You'll get there and I think it will be deserved as well, but success has a habit of being habitory and that's what makes it so hard for teams other than Juve and Milan to win. You need the winning mentality. Someone says it's Sven G. E. fault that Lazio MAY not have it (I'm undecided), but if it's so I think it lies more in the society that is Lazio than with the coach. You mentioned the "walls of the cluhouse"... Strange as it may seem, I think it's true. The same goes for Milan- it's all been won before- they know it can be done again- and how.
Like an athlete can go a long time without breaking the 10 sec. mark in a 100 meter- as soon as he/she does it- they can do it consistently. It may not be the best example in the world, but You know what I mean I think.
Obviously Lazio will need to tip Juve of the throne for that to happen (and I won't be enjoying that), but if they can join that elite club- serie A will proffit from the spectacle. And then Parma will be next....
At some point however it will be closed. There isn't room for 6 teams of that kind in a league, because the teams need to win consistently to be there, and there's only 4 CL spots to go for. Luckily for Lazio Cragnotti entered the game at a good time.
You're future is exciting to say the least.


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The usual great long post by Svennis! I wonder what's the current condition of your keyboard :) .

I think the most important thing for a club/team is establish theirselves into the élite (those teams that fight for the scudetto evry season, that is) and stay there for good. Then silverware comes accordingly, sooner or later. Take a look at the teams who have won the scudetto before the Juve/Milan era: Napoli and Sampdoria. It looked like they were firmly in the cream of Italian football, but in reality they were winning only in virtue of their great players. Once the great players went by, Napoli and Samp were unable to replace them decently because they hadn't both a strong backup club and the financial power to do it and finally they ended up to Serie B.

Now, Lazio has been the first Italian club to be floating in the Stock Market (by the way, 3% down today). I'm not sure that's a good thing, but never the less it shows that Lazio is not a static club. In terms of financial power, we can match the Serie A Big 3. In terms of football, I think that we are on the right track. Some of our best players such as Alessandro Nesta and Juan Sebastian Veròn are quite young, our team is very good and what matters most, we can improve it furtherly. If we compare Juve and Lazio, I think that Juve have hit their uttermost this season. It's difficult to think that Juve defense can still improve and the same goes for their midfield, while Lazio have still to show their 100% potential. Had we a 20-goals-a-season striker, we would get silverware AD LIBITUM. And don't forget that our defense can be improved as well.

Moreover, and this is a fact that I have noticed much to my pleasure, Lazio is winning the heart of many people, especially children. The amount of Lazio fans is rising rapidly, thanks mainly to the good results of the team. It's good to see children with the Nesta shirt (of both Lazio and Italy), and the fans of the Big 3 look at Lazio fans differently now. Up to three or four years ago, they used to reckon Lazio the same way the Pink Floyd reckon the Groove Armada: meaningless stuff. But now things are a-changing, they show respect for the team that have given them a run for their money.
This has been a strange season for Lazio, up to the Christmas break, it seemed much of a stroll, with the remarkably black spot of the derby against R***. Then, two months of slump followed, which (casually ?) was the time Veròn played below his par, and then Lazio got back to good form. But I think that there has been too much a difference between the pre-break form and the post-break form of a few players. Marcelo Salas for example. He was great before the break, he was scoring freely, now he's not playing very well, to say the least, and the same goes for Paolo ***** and Nestor Sensini. On the contrary, Pavel Nedved, Diego Simeone and Simone Inzaghi showed their best form in the second part of the season.

Of the other five teams competing for the scudetto I think that Juventus, it must be said to their credit, have the consistence of a marble block throughout the season, Parma have had too many injuries and not a playmaker, R*** have too playmakers...

Glen is right when he stresses the importance of being in the first place, and no-one knows that better than us, remember last season? We lost the scudetto by one point and it seemed a failure. No-one remembers the second-placed, all remember the winner. That's how it is. And to some extent is understandable, the winner is (almost) always the best.


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No silverweare for you guys....hehe that's pathetic the whole year you were screaming "we have the best squad and the best players"
Do you guys still thik that way
Fijenoord knocked ya down and Valencia totaly killed ya.....
Juventus are the Kings of Italy en Davids is DA MAN
Seedorf with Inter will win tha Coppa
......one tip you guys wanna win things buy Davids ,Kluivert and Hasselbaink
and sell the Argentinan *******s

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dollarbill? hahahahahahahahahahaahahhh!!!!!!
Sorry,but he deserves it!!!!!!!


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Sometimes being the best is not enough to win,what you really need are "LARGE HANDS" and if thats not enough....."LARGE ARMS"!!


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Hey, dollar$bill:

Don't make Lazio angry - they are already a very skillful and dangerous team. Their future looks even brighter. What you are doing is like going to the zoo, jumping over the fence into the lion's cage, and teasing the lions. Not smart.


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I think Svennis is right, the important is to be there. You don't win this year…fine, you win next year.
Glen , you wrote " Winning on a regular basis defines a big team- no matter what competition " - I think that by this sentence you speak clear and that LAZIO is a BIG team. No other Italian team has won so much like Lazio has in the last 3 seasons. Lazio has won the Italian Cup, the Italian Super Cup, the Cupwinners' Cup and the European Super Cup.
And Lazio can still win the Italian Cup this season, and the league is not totally over yet :)

Coming on second place, makes you the first looser ? You are right but if I have to choose between being happy about a CL place 15 points behind the winner of the league or become disappointed because loosing the league with one point in the last round and be the first looser…. I would choose coming on second and be the first looser !!!!
Because if you are happy about the CL place 15 points behind the winner, when the team had the potential and as goal to win the league….I think that's who is the real looser.

Maybe Lazio needs to win the league or the CL to be counted as a really big team. But this years' CL was Lazio's first EVER and I think that playing 14 games of 17 possible is VERY GOOD !
In the league we came second last year…no comments on the penalty NOT awarded against Fiorentina away…
The year before we lost everything after the scudetto game Lazio-Juve, where Collina thought he wanted to give a helping hand to his friend Lippi.
This year we are 5 points behind Juve….we can still make it. If we don't we are THERE.

And not to be forgot is that Lazio has been at the top of football for ONLY 3 years now, and has won so much in short time. A really big title (Italian Cup and the other things we have won are BIG titles !!) will come, we just need to be patient.

I know that you Glen, will never agree that Juve/Milan has been favored by the refs or have never been criticized by media for weeks without reason. BUT for Lazio it's harder to win than for Juve or Milan. And it has a SIMPLE explanation, Juve and Milan has been big teams since ever, Lazio is a "new" team and some people don't like that.

Forza Lazio

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