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Todays game against italy was a total disaster. i have never seen these players play so badly.

How could the starting line up be worse?? How could coach denizli decide on such a line up??? It was a disaster. Tayfur playing!!?? Okan in midfield instead of right wing where he is best in europe in my opinion!!Has he ever played there??noooooo neveerrrr!!

jhe ouldnt suck more. Why does he play him istead of hakn unsal??? i dont get it!!

Wny not put Arif in the beginning??? When he came in we saw som improvement. he didnt put muzzy also!!he used to say that he would be the best onein midfield!!!

The point is denizli has got complex of Galatasary. And since he is coah of fenrbahce, he doesnt want them to get more confidence. he is fooling with everyone for his sake or he doesnt know soccer. This guy doesnt know **** about football. If Terim or anyone else was the coach we could have beaten them easily.

Did anyone realize?? The last minutes he started to put in gala players. Why then?? after we lose everything!!

He played Apo for 90 min!!! i couldnt believe that. my friends and i were going absolute;ly crazy!! The guy couldnt stand on the pitch. He lost every single ball.
He didnt make one singlre positive touch!!! And he played the worst player fr all the game and he subed the best player on the pitch( OKAN)!! with ergun whi is a left defensive!!!!! midfileder. Wh6y put A DFVENSIVE MIDFILEDER WHEN WE ARE LOSING??? tHEN HE SUBS SERGEN WHO IS THE ONLY PERSON WIOTH OKAN WHO CAN MAKE A CHANGE IN THE score that line up!!!
I wanna remind that Sergen crossed and Okan scored. these are the only 2 players who can change the score!!in that bull shi** line up.

basicly, first is he doesnt know football. Sorry fener, you will relegate next yuear!!
second, he has galatasaray complex.

Third, we will repeat the success!!! of 96 playing with apo, tayfur etc...

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No Carlito.Turkish people never deserved it...
Mustafa Denizli put 5 Fenerbahce players to first eleven while 5 Galatasaray players sitting on the bench and all of Fener players played 90 minutes.
After watching this match i decided Mustafa Denizli is blind or an idiot(i think the second is true)Abdullah lost all the balls,he was bad in defence and offence,he couldn't even make a simple dribble,he couldn't even run.We had good left sided players on the bench(Hakan Unsal and Ergun) but Abdullah played for 90 minutes.It was a scandal...Denizli didn't bring him out because he's a Fenerbahce player.He showed that Fenerbahce is more important than Turkish National Team for him...
While Italy playing with 3 strikers we have only one on the pitch...and wrong substitions...Denizli was sleeping..

Finaly if we play with the same formation and line up we'll surely lose other two matches...

My friends...u r absolutely right!!

How the hell can this maymun be coaching our team in this fukked up way??

Only long ball style towards Sukur?? Just like Sweden's game against Belcika! Sucks!!!!!!!!!

What the hell is Arif doing on the bench?

If we don't improve our game massively will do another fukked up tournament like last time...........
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