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Nice try ilTaZZ. You're points are good, but invalid. Zidane spoke on the manner today. He called it his worst nightmare.

From Reuters:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>BOURG SAINT-MAURICE, France, May 18 (Reuters)(DS) - Juventus
playmaker Zinedine Zidane said on Thursday losing the Italian
title last weekend was the worst memory of his career.
"My morale is getting better now but it still hurts my
feelings when I think about this match," Zidane said at a French
national team training camp, recalling the 1-0 defeat at Perugia
which cost Juventus the title.
"When I go to bed at night sad images come into my mind.
"This was the worst moment of my career and I'm trying not to
think to much about it."
Juventus entered the last round with a two-point lead over
second-placed Lazio but the Rome team beat Reggina 3-0 while
Juventus lost at Perugia in a game marred by rain.
The match was stopped at the interval for nearly an hour and
a half but referee Pierluigi Colina decided the pitch was
"I'd never played on a pitch like that," Zidane said. "We
were not keen to come back and play but the Perugia players
insisted and the referee decided we had to finish the match.
"But what I hurts me most is the way it all happened. We had
led the championship from the start of the season and we lost
the lot at the last minute."
Zidane said the defeat was even worse than when they lost
the 1998 European Cup final against Real Madrid.
"That was just one game and anything can happen in one game.
But there the whole season disappeared in a few minutes," he
Zidane said Juventus were physically exhausted at the
end of the season and they should not have lost games at Verona
and Perugia.
"I tell myself it's only football and sport but the
disappointment is no less," he said.
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