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No,no your all wrong this is how it goes

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ladies and gentleman please, calm down, I am here to address the situation on Peruzzi.First of all you all know he is a great keeper and will be a bonus to which ever team he goes too. Now I heard some people question the amount of money he was being sold for. 1st of all the money he is being sold for is peanuts for Lazio. 2nd they need a keeper, a good one if they want the scudetto again. Now people are saying Peruzzi is almost getting paid as uch as Barthez, well he should be getting more! Barthez just became good over a matter of weeks in the '98 World Cup where he only let in 2 goals in the tournament. Well lets look at his defense-Desailly, Thurman, Blanc and Lizaruzu. It wasn't him who played good but his defense. Another thing I've noticed is you people calling Peruzzi old, which is funny since he is only two years older than Barthez and should be getting paid more because of his experience! Imagine if Peruzzi would've played in the '98 World Cup, he would have knocked out France in the penalty kicks, Barthez got lucky because Italy missed half their shots. But that's ok since we all know Italy will bring a cup home one day.( Hopefully on July 2nd)Well I made my point, I think Lazio are heading in the right direction to grab Peruzzi.

*Does anyone know if Rivaldo is coming to Lazio?
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