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First, it was Denmark.
Then, Sweden followed.

And lastly, Norway followed suit! Norway really came close, as in, just in terms of minutes from qualifying! Who would expect 2 goals from Spain in the injury time? So it's also byebye to Norway...

Technically speaking it's been quite a 'good' tournament for Norway...1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss. And only 1 goal conceded (but also only 1 scored :mad: ). So better luck for Norway next time...and hope to see them with more attacking style, I guess.

Sweden also had some hope of qualifying, especially after they got the equalizer against Italy. But it wasn't to be. The injuries have taken their toll on the team.

Denmark...what can I say? Total nightmare! 8 goals conceded while scoring none. Zero points. Statistically the worst team of the tournament.

Special note on Norway: perhaps history will repeat itself. It was a similar record in WC 94 for them - 1st WC appearance for them (let's not count 1938, it's way too dated ;) ). Then in WC 98 they managed to qualify from the group. Hope they can do the same for Euro - 1st appearance now, and in Portugal later can repeat the feat of WC 98 or do even better!

-- Nedved! in mournig :( --

I expected more from the Scandanavian teams, especially Sweden and Norway.
It was quite logical that Denmark didn't really stand a realistic chance of qualifying, but to concede 8 goals, score none and lose all 3 matches I didn't expect. Schmeichel must have lost his voice after each match, shouting himself hoarse at his totally hopeless team-mates.
The only player to stand out slightly is was Gronkjaer, and Schmeichel of course remains a world-class keeper, too bad he's got such a terrible defence in front of him. I'd thought he would retire and never play for the Danish team again after this, but I think I heard somewhere that he's staying on as Danish captain. Schmeichel must still come to terms believing that 8 years ago without having qualified he won the Euo Champs, then the next 2 times his side went out in the group stage.

Norway played very boring football, the match against Slovenia thankfully didn't waste 90 minutes of my life since I couldn't be botehred watching the match. Neither did many other, the stadium looked pretty empty. I only watched the highlights, which highlights?
Sweden, they were up against a very good Belgian team, and Italian team that scores and then play a 10-men defence, and a Turkish side was better than ever before.

Here are the facts:-
Denmark, Sweden and Norway altogether had:
6 Lost - 2 Tied - 1 Won games
Scoring 3 goals vs. Conceding 13
Gathering 5 points

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none of the sandinavisan teams was actually good,all teams had huge problems with the scoring and all together they scored 3 goals.
sweden 2
norway 1
denmark 0
and no one played enjoying football,sweden was ok some times
in the start of the belgian game and the italy game.
but many thinf went wrong for them,injuries,red cards and unluck.......
but thats history now,you cant do anything about it,but i must say that i can't see turkey as a better team,ok the scored one more goal than sweden but played very bad football aswell.
norway was one of team inever enjoyed,not in euro 2000 and not even before,they are always playing with 10 men in the defence and flo all alone on the top,ok they have a grat defence but its not fun to watch this games,maybe if you are norwegian but not for anybody else.
i was actually happy to see both yugoslavia and spain advance,incredible victory for the spaniards.......
demmark wasn't ready for this at all,none of the players was good,and no one scored any goals.
thomasson and gronskjaer was very bad:( and schmiechel didnt make miracles like he did before,ok the goals was difficult sometimes and all alone without defenders is even more difficult but look at toldo against sweden he was incredible,he took every single ball on target.....
im sure all the teams will be back soon or later,but this swedish team wasn't like the super team of 1994 at all
and danemark 1992 was incredible,but norway has always played like this:(
sorry for the scandinavian team,now its time fpr the qualifications to wc 2002,keep going strong....

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No, Norway didn't have a good tournament! They had a 'good' tournament and by that I mean :
1) their final standings, compared to the other 2 Scandinavian teams.
2) In terms of statistics alone! The fact that it's their 1st appearance in Euro C'ship, and among those who failed to qualify they are the 'best' in terms of the number of points. And they chalked up a victory and a draw. So it's 'good' and not good...

So it's not that bad a tournament for Norway...considering that only 2 minutes or so that separated them from qualifying. But again, Norway's style of play is not really enjoyable, and for the sake of good football, it's better to see Yugo and Spain through.

Denmark being in Gp D already spelled doom for them; Sweden's injuries hindered their performance; and it was luck vs Norway.

Better luck for Scandinavians in WC 2002 qualifications... :)

-- Nedved! in mourning :( --

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