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No Martini, no party! :D

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...with Martini being Brighi and party being... Cannavaro at Juve. ;)

This is what Brighi's agent Puzzolo, said today:

"Il Parma vuole fortemente Brighi. Sacchi lo ha richiesto alla Juventus nell'ambito dell'operazione che dovrebbe portare Cannavaro a Torino. Non transige: senza Brighi, l'affare salta. Il giocatore non fa distinzioni, lui vuole giocare. La Juventus, fino adesso, ha proposto agli emiliani decine di giocatori, ma sa perfettamente che se non mette Brighi sul piatto della bilancia, può anche dire addio a Cannavaro e sta entrando nell'ordine delle idee di darlo al Parma".

Which reads as:

"Parma strongly wants Brighi. Sacchi have asked him from Juventus in the deal that should bring Cannavaro at Turin. Without Brighi, the deal falls through. The player has no objections, he wants to play. Juventus, till now, has offered several players to the Emiliani (that's Parma in this case), but they perfectly know that if they don't put Brighi in the deal they can say goodbye to Cannavaro and they are getting into the idea of giving him (Brighi) to Parma."

That's as clear as it gets. The question is, do you want this deal to happen? Personally, as a Parma fan, I'd love it. But thats probably because I know that Cannavaro is gone either way and that Brighi is the best possible player we could get as exchange. I wouldn't mind Maresca either, but I prefer Brighi because I think he is more talented and his style would serve us better next to someone more tactical like Lamouchi or more defencive like Appiah or perhaps even Tedesco.

You give arguably the biggest talent in Italy right now and get the best man marker in the world in order to build an ideal 3-man defence looking something like Tudor-Montero-Cannavaro.

What's your take?

PS. Perhaps I should have put that in the rumors topic, but I'd rather make a separate one to have some discussion. Hope you don't mind. :)
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no. We must keep brighi.

as you said, he is one of Italy's biggest young talents (only behind Pirlo IMO) so we would be very foolish to sell him, or even exchange him.

Now canna is the best centre back in the universe, but he is getting older, and we have enough old defenders already. We already have got Montero, Iuliano, Tudor who can do a job for us, and even Thuram can play centre back if needed. So I say 'no'
Without sounding all too disrespectful, I'm not interested in Cannavaro. :eek::D We have a decent lineup back there already and Cannavaro won't lower the average age of our defence by much anyhow.

On the other hand, I want to keep Brighi! :)
I say no.

Salvatore Fresi is probably coming to Juve next year - he's no Canna, but I think he will fill Montero's boots adequately. Alongside Thuram and Tudor in a three-man back-line, he'll fit in well enough and complete a strong defense.
Ok, I'll do some backround info for you to make things more interesting.

From what I have made out of Juve's transfer moves so far (Ze' Maria, Fresi, Baiocco), Juventus is going to play with a 3 man defence next season. While Thuram- Montero- Tudor with Iuliano and Ferrara as back ups, is great, I have to say that Tudor-Montero-Cannavaro is better. Thuram to me seems quite uncomfortable at Juventus, and considering his not so good performances in central defence for you as well as his wish to play in central defence, I could very well see Juventus selling him and bringing in Cannavaro who is the best man marker in the world, can easily play in the LEFT side of the central defence (he has been playing there for years for Parma) while nor Tudor or Thuram are really left sided (not that this is a serious problem).

If you keep Thuram, fair enough, you don't need Cannavaro. But will Thuram stay? This is where my doubts lie.

Tudor - Montero - Cannavaro
(Ferrara - Fresi - Iuliano)

This rocks people.
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You don't believe that Montero is headed for Real Madrid?
I will be extremely p*ssed off if we lose Brighi as part of any deal. Cannavaro would be more than welcome, but not at Matteo's expense.
I think it would be unprofessional to let go of Brighi. however- I also think it's stupid that we haven't given Maresca a shot at the "regista" position seing how Tacchinardi has played this season.

I think it's stupid selling Thuram after one season. If we get Canna instead without shooting ourselves financially though- Canna propably suits our possible 3 man defence better. Moreover- Canna is the more flexible player for the 3 man system- especially considering that we have quite a few players who can play extremely solid as sweepers (Montero, Fresi and Tudor).

That's the tactical side of it.
Then there's this thing about us "having" to give up Brighi to get Canna. In my view it's bullocks.
Parma will sell Cannavaro regardless. The only question is who will get him. Lately it's been made out to be a two way duel between Milan and Juve, while we all know that Sensi tried to get him for Roma last season. I don't know how much to read into this- but Tanzi is still going for the FIGC Presidency, and Juve/Milan are his biggest supporters.

We are not going to have both Thuram and Canna here. Thuram wants to play central defence in a 4 man lineup apparently. Ancelotti worships both Thuram and Canna. If Juve wants to hang on to Brighi- we can pay up on Canna (only money deal), and trade Thuram to Milan or one of the other sides who is interested in Thuram.
We can also let Milan buy Canna, using Donati etc. as counteritems, and arrange the Thuram/Canna swap afterwards.

In the end- Parma has Cannavaro and they will sell him. This is not like last season when all three superstars were alledgedly staying put. This season we all know that Canna will go, and if Juve/Milan stick their heads together like they did last year on Thuram (with Pippo and Zenoni involved in the negotiations) we're not going to release Brighi just because Sacchi wants us to.

Unfortunately I find it very plausible that an agreement will be reached for Maresca instead, as he fits Parma's purpose even better in my view. Lamouchi is more dynamic in attack than Brighi who has a bigger potential. Parma on the other hand looks set to release their most logical "regista" kind of player in Boghossian, and Almeyda too. Maresca tactically makes more sense for Parma I think, and as Lippi has made it clear (through his actions- not words) that Maresca has no future with him- I think it's very plausible that he will be off to Tardini.
The word "incedibile" has been used on Brighi too much and his season has been too amazing for Moggi to let go of him. It's more likely that we will have both Brighi's (his younger brother is apparently loooking just as good as Matteo did with Rimini) on our books next year than letting Matteo go I think.

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Galliani has made clear that Milan will not buy Cannavaro as they can't or don't want to meet Parma's demands (or simply because he left the race after agreement with Juve-not unlikely). This still does not put Juventus in a favorable position in the negotiations. Cannavaro is a player who will be sold to someone who offers most money. This includes many more teams than Juventus, like Manchester United, Barcelona, Roma and (why not?) Inter. What Brighi's agent has said is that the only way for Juventus to get Cannavaro in a deal which includes a player, is giving away Brighi -or else simply Cannavaro will be wearing a Rome or Manchester United or Inter or Barcelona or whatever shirt unless of course Juve does a money only deal which seems unlikely both due to the amount of money required and the so far attempts of Juve to offer "many" players (this could be from Paramatti to Zambrotta and Tacchinardi). With the World Cup coming and Cannavaro playing as good as usual with the Squadra Azzura, I'm sure many more teams than Juve will remember who he is and how much he's worth.
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Moreover- what reason Brighi's agent would have to appear SO absolut regarding the deal if it wasn't the truth? Brighi is not looking for a better contract (and certainly having his agent making such statements in the press is not the way a young player like him goes in order to demand something) and as much as I hate to say it (;)) Brighi playing for Juventus is obviously better than him playing for Parma. Moreover, his words will surely be on the papers tomorrow, why would he try to give this matter a publicity? Trading the most talented player in Italy is not what most Juve fans want to hear and the press couldn't care less about Parma. This is not promoting Brighi.

So he is probably telling the truth.
I'm not saying the agent isn't speaing the truth. I have no problems believing that Parma wants Brighi bad.

I'm just saying I don't belive what Sacchi wants actually has to be given to him. Let's see what will happen.

The world of business-football is totally unpredictable and uncomprehensible to external people. It's about willful lies, bluff and the one who masters the best these parameters turn those rumours to a substantial account. So Amo, I believe that trying to apply your psychological skills you've been teached is quite hazardous. ;)

I'm absolutely opposed to any agreement that would result in giving Brighi away, as he's Italy's brightest prospect, he will probably take over the midfield of the Azzurri in the coming years. For all those who would ignore that fact, Matteo is among the 5 best midfielders of Serie A this season (ratings wise) and taken into consideration his young age (which inevitably implies lack of experience) and the relatively-weak (even though Bologna are doing fine) team he plays for, it's even more remarkable. You should hear Guidolin praising him, while he's someone who's not accustomed to underlining individuals and instead praises the whole team.

Selling him at this point would be the dumbest and irreflected move ever in Juve's recent times, no matter who's coming the other way round in the swap, as bright as the name is! It's chosing the easy and quick way over the hardest but somehow right way. Going for the first option often appears to be a costly mistake when looking back. I wouldn't lower myself to worship a Gialloblù :D, but somehow Cannavaro is undoubtedly topnotch and would improve any backline including ours, especially as it's smelling departures. Brighi represents the future (and we have warranties about his worth, it's not the usual: "you'll see, someday" thingie) whereas Canna is probably in his peak right and it's a loser's strategy to cash big and rely on players who aren't likely to still improve and whose contribution is gonna go gradually less...

And the fact that Canna is almost unwanted for next season at Parma is not going Parma's way. The club who has not any clear intention of selling is the one with the upper hand on the negotiations, not the contrary. Sacchi is not in position of leading the talks, in my opinion.

Only a cash deal (or a Para+Biri+Amo/Canna swap :D) would convince me. And if a bling bling team such as Man Utd, Real or whoever puts more money on the table, well fùck them and fùck Fabio, we're not gonna rob Banco D'Italia's coffers! But as you've already issued it, it is very unlikely as our transfer policy (with exceptions off course) looks to aim to lower the costs by involving players in the deals, which btw (I'm off-topic now) has most probably turned the scale when we had to go through that epidemy of injuries.

Wait and see I guess.

Btw - Let's pray Parma gets relegated so that we have Canna for the price of 5 camels... :D
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HAte to break it to u amo, but the chances of seeing canna in england or spain are slim to none.
First of all italian int'l have a habbit of dissapering from the nat'l team after moving abroad.

galliani talks more **** than any idiot out there, hell he confuzses himself sometimes, not sure if some players a a "smokescreen"(brnic, chamot) or if they should be bougth (CANNA!)
Fact is milan need canna and knowing our relationship with Sacchi, and Juve i see a Merry-go-round happening. With milan ending up with thurma or canna or maybe even by some miracle both in exchange for a host of players and cash most likely and in one case SADLY! (pirlo, donati, kahka,chamot (HOPEFULLY!))

i dont see milan keeping pirlo while the idiots run milan, he will be sold so rui can get another shot so as to not make it seem like a huge waste of cash, which it was

One thing is sure Canna is leaving and he will be wearing Zebra or devils colours, with the other compensating by getting another player

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stephañho said:
I wouldn't lower myself to worship a Gialloblù :D
Do I sense a tiny bit of resentment? :D
numerodix said:
Do I sense a tiny bit of resentment? :D
Parma dudes said baaad things about us, so I say baaad things about 'em! :crybaby::D;)
Yeah, Parma dudes, not Parma players :D

Although "worship" is a bit strong in this context :D
Hmmm, you're compelling me to use my brain on this one! :angel::D

OK, the resentment comes from the fact that Canna hurted Batigol yesterday. :crybaby: Hmm, even now it looks quite irrelevant, eh!? :tongue: Ah fùck, why am I even defending myself? We have a tradition to keep up at Juve, spitting on Parma players ( until the day they sign for us off course :happy: ) that is.

Ok since this is Canna-kicks-Bati week, I will look past it... :D
Juve has to strengthen the MF. Brighi is a cheap way to do it. It would be foolish to sell him to Parma.
Guys, we don't need Cannavaro,well...I would like him playing for Juve, but not at Brighi's expense
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