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No go for Mo

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Maurice Johnston has had to pull out of the forthcoming Old Frim, actually they are calling it the "auld firm", charity match due to a section of Celtic fans threatening to pull out. First off I'll say in Celtic's defence that I have read no figures on how many supporters were going to bhoycott the game and it certainly looks no where near the majority.

It's really going down to another level this one though. The money raised from this game will go to charities supported by two old firm legends. The two players gave their respective fans great joy over the years and now are being kicked in the teeth. It would appear that a switching of clubs two decades ago is more important than raising money for worthwhile legends in support of two footballing legends. While these supporters carry on their bhoycott Jimmy Johnstone's motor neurone research foundation and Davie Cooper's centre for children with special needs lose it. It is disgraceful in my opinion.

As well as Rangers fans and neutral fans condemning this I have also heard alot of Celtic fans condemning it too to be fair. It really is a sad state of affairs and just strengthens any views other people already have of the Old Firm which is a shame.

Mo Johnstone had been due to play a half for Celtic and a half for Rangers which in itself goes a tiny way to building bridges but that now will not happen. An opportunity has been missed here. I doubt anyone would go along with this but I would be all for the captains of both sides swapping over at half time on the night or at the very least getting the players to swap shirts at full time. To me the whole episode is all wrong but what annoys me more is no one is doing anything about it other than rolling over.
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Where is the love? :broken:
Based on the testimonies produced so far I'm probably more in line with Chivo than anyone else but am not blind to the views given by other posters. The following article is not identical but does highlight that some fans are unable to follow the Christian principle of forgiveness when they feel a former favourite has wronged them.

No way back!
Love it Marco. :dielaugh:
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