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Ajax misses CL for the second year on row.......first WillemII then Heerenveen stole the place that Belongs TO AJAX

Fijenoord and PSV have earned many Dollars in CL ......Ajax will GO through an visciueze cirkel.

From where would the money come if Ajax doen's play CL . Nowadays 10 miljoen Gulden is the price for an decent defender like VREDE.....Ajax must Invest in players like PSV does.
they bought Ramzi,Hofland and will buy a good striker ( Vennegoor)and it seems all Dutch players wants to go to psv.

If ajax doesn't invest in good young player they will sink like the titanic
Verlaat,Halst,Kinkladze what a waste of money

ABN AMRO needs to pomp some good money and it will just be an investment if ajax plays CL they can pay it back with and it will be good for the sponsor too

It seems like the Ajax-Board are sleeping.
I would do 10 times better if I were in charge

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A CL-place belongs to Ajax???
They are lucky they still play UEFA-Cup...
You have to deserve your place in an European competition, and Ajax simply wasn't good enough for the second consecutive year....

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Ajax are at rock-bottom right now, they deserve to be in a situation like Marseille is in.
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