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No. 10 on NT retired

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As a tribute to Maradona, Argentina will not have a no. 10 at the WC. Initially FIFA was not going to allow it but now they have relented. Looks like Ortega is the last man to put on the prestigious Argentina 10 shirt.
Does anyone know if there is rhyme or reason in the way Argentina assigns WC numbers? Is it 1 - 11 for the 1st team 11 and the the backups in some random fashion? i.e, 1 - Bonano, 2- Ayala. Will Bati get his no.9 ?
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It's a good thing that Fifa allowedus to retire the No. 10 shirt, an honor for Maradona.

Tha pleyers pretty much have their own numbers like Killy has the 18, Sorin 3, Simeone 14, Gallardo 20 and so, will Bati get the 9 shirt?, i really hope so.

Ortega will probably play with the 24 shirt.
I think FIFA will not allowed any team to have any numbers more than 23, they said it before.
It's a done deal.. the Fifa already approved this---
Batigol9 said:
I think FIFA will not allowed any team to have any numbers more than 23, they said it before.
fifa is making an exception letting us have the N° 24 instead of the N° 10.
I don't like this. :groan:

First of all the #10 is the best shirt of all (check my nick :D;)), so it has to be in use! ;)

But evenso, if it was only the case of Maradona, that would be ok I guess. But, I see a lot of these coming along now that one request has been granted. Sure, most of them might not be approved, but that won't stop them from trying. Why wouldn't Brazil want to retire Pele's #10, Italy Zoff's #1 etc. They may not come right away, but I would count on it happening after a while, why should Diego be the only one?

Of course, I could be wrong, but I have a feeling this might happen... :)
I have mixed feelings about this. Maradona is highly deserving of this. But I hope it does not get diluted too much over the years. Argentina is more than capable of producing more Maradonas in the future and I don't know if I am ready when I am old and gray to watch WC2022 and see soccer players with 3-digit numbers on their backs. There is after all a certain aura of certain numbers that will be lost.
Also, someone suggested that Ortega will get the 24 shirt. Is this a desirable number. This is the 1st WC with 23 and 24. Usually 21 and 22 goes to the reserve goalies.
The idea & sentiment is correct,to be applauded even.But,overall i'm not sure that in the long run it is the right thing to do_Of course,Diego was the greatest player i have ever seen take to the football pitch,and so you don't expect others to have his gift.At AC Milan,they retired a shirt(can't remember the #:D),when Franco Baresi retired and maybe they will when Paolo Maldini retires also.Does that mean they will never have any great defenders in the future - who may/may not be as good as Maldini or Baresi - who could do justice to that particular shirt number?For example,right now can anyone say that Aimar,or Romy isn't good enough to wear the #10?IMO,of course they are.After all,in that farewell game a while ago,didn't Maradona exchange his shirt for Riquelme's Boca #10 shirt?I hope you understand what i meant,even if i didn't explain it too clearly.To put it simply,it is the greatest of gestures,so i can't say it is wholly wrong,but in the overall long run it isn't right.:)
It`s a very nice gesture...but in 15 years time you won`t have a no 7 jersey either....If Saviola finally will have the chance to shine in the national team...

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