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Nikos Machlas

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Hi i am an AJAX fan and im wondering whats going on with Machlas has herecovered from his injury and whaen is he comming back?
Machlas to me is a very good player and i beleive that this season he would show his real abilities scoring goals and making assists. Goodbye
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Hopefully he will score more goals than last season, otherwise he should be sold. :mad:

Ajax is going to start training again soon, but it's too early to train for Machlas. But's it's likely he won't be out of play as thought previously.
Does anyone knows if Machlas has started training and when AJAX will play friendly games?
Machlas started training yesterday. Only he isn't training with the group. The first real friendly will be againt St-Etienne on saturday. That match will be shown live on Eurosport.
Thanks Chivu i guess he recovered now right? and do you think he could be ready for the starting of the season?
He's recovered now, but it's still going to take some time before he will be back. The predictions said october, but I think he will be back sooner. I hope he doesn't miss that many games.
The earliest prediction is October, but what is feared is mid-November. It was a serious injury, he will miss quite a few games I'm afraid :(
In a interview on friday he said that he will be back in september.
Great news Chivu i hope he returns as soon as possible he is a very good striker and he could be a very important part of making AJAX big again. Do you know when the league kicks off?
For Ajax it starts on august 22 against Fortuna Sittard.
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