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So Germany finally tasted victory again. It wasn't against a national team, but against quite a strong team from the Spanish competition.
Mallorca were missing 4 key players, and the season is over, and the players aren't that motivated anymore, but still germany put on quite a fine performance.

Don't write Germany off yet, they DO stand a chance at Euro 2000 to go far.

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If anyone is interested, I have a friend in the UK who follows the German team alot and she emailed me this "match report":

Guess what? I’ve just watched Real Mallorca play Deutschland - and the referee WAS A WOMAN!! I’ve never seen a woman referee a top international male team before, I think it’s a first. When I first saw her I thought she was a lines”person”. They treated her just the same as a man, shouting at her when she made a decision they didn’t like, etc. And I must say, the German team, especially Carsten Jancker, and wait for it - Oliver Bierhoff - had a right go at her and she took not a bit of notice! I was taken aback somewhat when Oli tore into her! But they didn’t seem to care she was female. I’m sure they’ll all come out with some put-downs later, but honestly, she did no better or worse than any man I’ve seen doing the job. And the match was far from friendly between the two teams, they didn’t hold back in any way, but she stood firm and never lost control. She was also very fit and kept up with the pace even though it wasn’t full-steam ahead, but not far from it. Well done Frau Dominique! Oliver was banked in the first half and came on in the second and set up one of the goals. Carsten Jancker played instead of him in the first half. They won 4-0. Paulo Rink scored twice - he’s bleedin’ Brazilian, you know!!! Lehmann played in the second half - that ball still flies out of his hands as if it’s a bomb about to explode. God help us if he has to play during Euro 2000. He’s a sweet man but...
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