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(he maybe a shite commentator but his level of shiteness is so bad its funny)


FOOTBALL commentator Archie MacPherson is past retirement age but he didn't hang back when he caught a yob trying to steal from his wife.

The 68-year-old decked the pickpocket on a Paris metro station platform.

And he was just about to lay into the thief again when he felt a tap on his shoulder from a pistol wielding French policeman.

After one of Archie's typically succinct descriptions of the action, the pickpocket was handcuffed and led away.

Archie said yesterday he had no regrets about whacking the thief during the holiday earlier thismonth. He and wife Jess were on a romantic break in the French capital and were in a busy metro station in the Montmarte area.

Hesaid: ''My wifeand I were just walking along a passageway towards the platform when we noticed this young lad trying to jump the gate without paying.

''We never thought anything of it at the time but when we were standing on the platform my wife just let out a huge scream all of a sudden. When I turned round Isaw this lad trying to open her bag and steal things from it.

''I was so angry and I just wellied him one and he fell down a set of stairs.

''I was just about to give him a right kicking when I felt this tap onmy shoulder.

''I turned round and saw it was the police.

''They had been following this lad for a few miles because they knew he was up to something.

''He got handcuffed and taken down the local police station andmy wife and I had to go down and give statements.

''It didn't spoil our holiday though and I was just glad to see him behind bars.

''I was just protecting my wife's honour. I can't have anybody stealing things from her.

''I know these thieves in Paris can carry knives but I was too angry to think about that at the time.''


Do you think he said WOOOOOOOOOF as the guy fell to the ground? :D
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