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And you want a serious reaction on this.......:)

Zahovic: ok

Djorkaeff: he'll stay in germany and he sucks, he is way too old and not a striker we need, we already have enough of this type of players like Mijatovic.

Rui Costa: D. Andersson may not even polish the shoes of the MIDFIELD MAESTRO, so don't even think about replaceing him.

Adani: The only defender who kept his head cool last year so why dump him.........for a stupid defender like Beto??

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Man, how the do you figure dissin Beto like that. You obviously dont even know the player. The guy is excellent, and I know cos i follow the portuguese game closely. Beto is already better than Adani and has the potential to become ten times better. I agree that we should keep Adani because of reasons you give, but I would be very happy if we got Beto.
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