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105 games. 67 goals.

98 games. 62 goals.

0.638 for Neymar

0.632 for Ronaldo

Only Pelé and Romário have better goal average.

He Just scored two goals last two games.

Needs more 11 to equal Pelé.

Needs more 12 to surpass Pelé.

But i think its Impossible to surpass Romário and Pelé goal average.

He played Very well against Paraguay yesterday.

Incredibly well.

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He already surpassed ronaldo
Ronaldo is/was very overrated at club level (and that counts for about 2/3rds of full careers made) StillLearning but he was explosively fast and fleet and made a good name for himself in two World Cup Finals and two very strong tournaments for Brazil. Ronaldo is a Top 25 player.

Neymar is on a greater path and trajectory career wise than Ronaldo, and by the time he's finished his excellent career he might be a Top 15 player all time of course.
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