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Next Year

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For season 2002/03

Juventus Coach - Marcelo Lippi

Tranfers in - (thanks to the Magician Moggi)

Fabio Cannavaro
Za Maria

Tranfers out

Edgar Davids
Lillian Thuram


Tudor Cannavaro Montero
Dacourt Tacc
Zambrotta Nedved Doni
Trez Del Piero

Za Maria

I also think that if Juve can afford it to by D'alessandro. Loan him out for 2 seasons - to Parma, Udinese, Torino

Then call him back and he should be ready for Juve with 50-60 games under his belt. He is our Nedved replacement. So in 2 seasons Nedved can go back to Lazio
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i'm not sure what you are really so happy about. i mean, we lose davids, clearly a player we need and we keep tacchinardi, who isnt that good at all compared to davids, and we buy dacourt who isnt really good at all. thats a position we seriously lack. i can see Tudor having to play that defending midfield role next season.

Cannavaro would be good as tudor might be needed in the midfield, he can take his role in that defence.

are you seriously happy about losing Thuram??? i mean, he is one of the best defenders in the world. and most likely he will join Man U and we going to get the skillful but lazy and inconsistant Veron. thats not good news.

mutu, baiocco, brighi chimenti are all geat buys i think.

Ze Maria??? why are we buying him??? please explain.

Doni is the best buy out of all of them. he is what we need!!!

But has anyone noticed how we havent thought about left back??? we need a good left back like Coco, Chivu. i dont think ze maria plays there. and doni cant take the whole left wing, as he doesnt have defending skills.

and if we get d'allessandro, he comes straight into the starting line up. cuz if we get d'allessandro, doni wont join so neddy can have his old position bck.
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Although I am sad to say it Davids will leave. His life is ****ed up now, ex-girlfriend, missing on the world cup, the drug suspension, disciplinary problems (red + yellow cards in key matches.) He ****ed us last year by getting sent off in the champions league (as did Zizou) and did it again this year. He has a bad reputation with referees and this is costing us. He is a great player who keeps trying and fighting till the end and I love his aggressiveness, but he dosen't know how to control himself.
The only problem is replacing him. The only man good enough is Viera, but I don't think he is keen on Juve any more. I think he will go at the end of the season. What do you think? Who could replace him? Who will we buy next season? And what lineup will we have? Also who will be the coach?
Next year, this is what i would like for juve

Coach - Lippi


D'Alessandro (but he should go out on loan to a middle table club)
Ze Maria
Cipriani(isnt he supposed to be a bianconero next year?)

Carini (he'z very good but he should leave for his own good)


thuram tudor cannavaro chivu

ze maria vieira zambrotta


Trez DP

Is this team unstoppable or what???
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Within financial boundaries in recent rumours this is how I'd like to see next season starting 11:






The main problems this season have been, apart from the injuries, the left back place. IMO there are not many good left backs around, therefor spent big on the best in the business. This problem can not be solved by simply putting a central defender with a left foot (Chivu) on the left back position. Chivu has got the skills to become one of the best central defenders, even his coach Koeman said Chivu is better than him when he was the same age. I often read the name of Coco, but really he's not great, I've seen various matches of him at Barca, but he's not good enough.

The other problem is the offensive midfield position, if DP doesn't like it, OK we have to buy somenone else, but please not Nedved he's the working type, he's not creative in any way. Rosicky would indeed be an option. If Nedved is on the offensive midfield position, you have to have a good strong striker with lenght who can hold possession until the midfielders closes by on the strikers during ballpossession. Therefor the offensive triangle DP, Trez, Nedved hasn't worked out. I don't know anything about d'alessandro, so I really can not judge.

When Davids is leaving, Tudor could be great in that position as well. Don't sell Thuram, he's one of the best but did not live up to the expectations.
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