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Its really hard to estimate the result because Turkey isnt playing well in midfield because of the coach's choices in that position but we can be very dangerous in attack. And our goalkeeper and defence are strong. the place we lack is midfield and that makes a difference but playing long ball like we did in aBelgium game, Arif and hakan sukur are one of the most dangerous counter atack players in the world.

We have 10 midfielders in the team and we have some of the best. However, Coach denizli increrdibly, always makes the wrong choices. He can basicly put galatasaray' s midfield!!
they won eufa cup because they are excellent in midfield. they are just everywhere and play near perfection. Arif and hakan Sukur also play in gala and they have perfect transitions between mid and attack. But denizli is absolutely brainless.

if he doesnt make a change in midfield and put more gala players in right positions, we will beat you..if not we are more likely to lose!
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