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The new season is about to start and I think this season Lazio can win Serie A again and maybe Champions League too, but I fear that The Trebble will be to much. But I'm satisfied with Serie A and CL aren't you?
Before the season some new players have arrived Lazio. I hope and think that Crespo - Lopez will be a great couple, maybe the best in the world, and with Peruzzi between the posts we should be safe. Even though, maybe we should have improoved the defence a little too? I'm thinking of Mihailovic because he is getting older and those who saw him in Euro 2000 saw that he had big problems with the best attackers. I think he can hold one more season, but then what? And what happens if one or two of our best defenders gets injured during the season? The entire summer i was hoping for a new defender as well and my favourite is Napoli player Francesco Baldini. In my opinion he is one of the best defenders in Italy and would be great with Nesta. But for the moment I guess we have to settle for Couto or Miha who also are good players, but not as good as I prefer.
Another thing that worries me is Salas and Inzaghi. With Crespo and Lopez on the pitch they have to sit on the bench. I wonder how long it will take before one of them or both wants to move away from Lazio. I don't think a rotation system is the solution so I hope Svennis got som aces up his sleeve.

What do you think, and how will we do next year?

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It's impossible to say anytihng right now there are to much rumors.

I mean have we really signed Crespo, have Conceicao left??

one day we have , and the other day we haven't.

This makes me so mad!!

What about Zenden ( who by the way in my opinion will be a big flop if he comes ) ??

Lopez and Peruzzi are the only one who are sure.

What if Salas stays after all, with som much happening this summer will he be able to concentrate on Lazio ??

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