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As you know, we now have Ballota (Lazio´s second keeper), Galante, Pirlo, Ferari, Yahia (cant spell) and some others..
About Farinos: Valencias president told the media that he will never sell a player to Inter...I dont know if Farinos is an Inter-player...I hope so.
About Sukur: His contrakt will expire this months and will probably come to us.
But both Valencia and Galata will go to Fifa and complain, cus Inter went and talked to the players first, not to the club! Ventola underwent surgery, succesfuly!

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well the news im getting which is proffesinal is that inter are trying for figo , fiore and crespo i hope it happens better than lazio which is not the best squad the best is inter or real or barca

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do you we need salas even we got Hakan sukur!!

heheheh lazio bid crespo for almayda + 60 billions liree!!!

i thinks know we just need a Mid and def

Mid : Fiore
Def : I don't know yet?? any suggestion?
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