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News I cannot confirm, but are true.

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Jardel will be playing for Lazio next season. The first choice was Palermo, but since his injury, the board have agreed Jardel is the best choice. Laziofans, you may not believe me and please don't ask me where I know it form, it's just the truth.
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If Lazio have bought Jardel ( Wich I don't think they have ) , it will be exciting to see how well he can do it aginst , much better deffenders then it's in Portugal. I don't think he will score more then 15-19 goals in Serie A.

When I bought him in CM99/00 he only managed to get in 10 goals on 30 apps.
Of course the performance in a computer game can't be overlooked, can it? :) What's the matter with you? Jardel scored as often in the Champion's League as in the portuguese league. Besides, 15-19 goals is actually rather good...

Hear the triumphal march of Parma!
Cool, another CM player :)
I wonder if Saviola will become the legend in life that he is in CM 99/00. lol
Saviola :) is too good. But have you guys actually realized how great this game is?! I mean we could've predicted Gerard's advance basing only on the game, where he suddenly became awesome too. i'm so impressed! The same goes for other spanish players like Ognjenovic(Real M.) or Xavi(barca - this guy is overrated though)
I just say Football World Manager 2000...
labas, i agree.
The research which goes into this game is astounding, but no way is Xavi over-rated :)
Oh, and did you notice how Gerard played for barca b only 3 years ago?
How could Van Gaal let him go? :(
If CM is anything to go by, Haruna Babangida will be an amazing player in a few years time. :)
it's very nice to see Jardel in Lazio

Jardel - Simone Inzaghi (best striker)

Anyway, have lazio bought a goalkeeper ??
Uhh ? I can see that someone posted something but since it´s written in chinese I can´t make out a single word of it.

CM ?? are you guys ..... never mind
Battle against roma to get Toldo ...... I hope we winning this battle, we really need a goalie, roma too ......

So is it true that they will sell Stankovic to EPL club ?
Me for one I would like to see Jardel coming.
(Allthough I don't have faith in this mistery source)
Ones again 3 goals this weekend. :)

Can Somebody tell me how many goals he has so far this season?
I think getting Jardel will be better for the team than Rivaldo.
Let it be Rivaldo,
Let it be Jardel,
Let it be Ronaldo,
Let it be Babbel,
Whoever joins us in June and wears our Jersey, I will support them 100%, as long as it's not tottina!

Does the guy ever score good goals with his feet or is he exclusive to headers?
Cecco,you seem to doslike tottina...Why?

jardel??????? its okay , but the important things that lazio still keeps simeone .d. he is great player. and i dont care what lazio buy best players, if lazio keeps diego,lazio
still and always live in the sky!!!!

Cecco,you said Ronaldo come to Lazio he's injured and i don't think he will come back to the highest level, i think he will come back next januari on a few sub. apperences and then sold to Flamengo.
I think that he is used by Inter, we all know that he should have staied with Barca.
You said Babbel come to Lazio he has already signed a contraced with lazio, and do you have a problem with *****, ok if we forget the 5-2 valencia game(Verlaat would do
You said Rivaldo come to lazio it would be a
expencive signing with lot's of problems in it were would he play, Veron's place?
I compare it to the Nakata signing it wasn't really necesary.
You said Jardel come this would be a good signing he has a fierce header, and quicker then Salas.
But again a problem here, Salas or Bockic must go then.

Wor Jardel scored i think 35 goals in 30 matches in the league this season
I Think about 10 in the CL.

Simeone he must stay i agree, lazio will probaly sell almeyda, Stankovic or maby
S. Conceicao so there will be more space for Simeone.

About the GK, I don't know if Toldo comes maby or that South America Kid canira or somthing like that probaly just for a backup keeper, i think Toldo, moens(AZ keeper and 3rd Holland keeper).
Toldo would be the most probaly buy.
Margehiani and Balotta should go away maby Reggina, Vicenza or a other little club would wan't them.
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What do you all think of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?
Since van Nistelrooij will join ManU....

He scores about every match he plays, even as a dirty sub!
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