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Does anyone know the deal or have any opinions about Wimbledon next season

Wimbledon's chairman has just moved the club 50 miles to Milton Keynes - to play at a hockey club. Will they still be called Wimbledon? does anyone think many HOME fans will actaully turn up to watch them.

I just think its very odd - I don't support Wimbledon (Chelsea)- but live quite locally to both of the teams. The fans of Wimbledon have been totally ignored - in fact a large proportion of them want to start up a new amateur club AC Wimbledon (in the lower depts of the Ryman League) .

Soem members of the local council also want Wimbledon to change their badge - part of the crest is the arms of Wimbledon. They don't see why their " arms" are relevant to this new franchise team
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