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Wimbledon have to move. That is obvious. This said, they don't need to move to Milton Keynes. I don't see what they see in the area. The National Hockey Stadium only holds 4,000 people at the moment (temporary stands will boost it to 10,000 for next season), Milton Keynes does not have a large population akin to South London, and the club's name says it all - they're from Wimbledon, not Bedfordshire.

Personally, I think they should move to a site in South London, Essex, or Kent. Unfortunately, there are no stadia available in these areas, and so only a groundshare would do, and they already have a groundshare with Crystal Palace.

Maybe, therefore, they shouldn't move until they get the fans on their side. If they move against the wishes of the Wimbeldon Supporters' Club, then the club will go under.
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