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New Striker! Who is this masked man?

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AS Roma heads Catanha.

Rumour from Spain about AS Roma. According what reported by 'Marca', Spanish sport magazine, there is a great interest of Franco Sensi, chairman of the Italian club, in Henrique Guedes Catanha, top-scorer of Malaga.

It seems Sensi is just waiting that the Brazilian forward will get an EC passport before to sign him. And this should happen within the next summer.

The president of Malaga, Fernando Puche, said in an interview "There are no problems at all to sell Catanha. We just wait someone starts talks with us and pays the rescission clause. Then the player will be free to leave the club!"

Surely there is no way that AS Roma could pay the 120 billion lire (€61.9m) clause to set free the forward before the end of his contract, 2004. But 'Marca' added that the Spanish club, despite the words of his president, will accept a lower deal.

Actually Catanha is second in the Liga scorer chart with 23 goals, two less than Salva Ballesta from Racing Santander.

Anyone seen this striker play?
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Good question,
Cause i've never even heard about him!!
yeah i know him,and i have seen him play.
but you must understand that malaga is not a great team,maybe like verona or something.
catanha has been playing good there,but here he would be more like a sub for delvecchio and montella
be careful who you buy, especially with that among of money.
You could have bought someone else with that money
So what if he plays for an average team? Montella played for a relegated team...

Catanha is a great forward with pace and a finishing touch second to none.Montella and Delvecchio would find really difficult to keep their positions with this brazilian around.PLUS he holds an EU passport (will hold anyway)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Yes i know him i'm supprissed you don't he acctually the second topscorer in Spain togheter with Hasselbaink he has 23 goals, only Salva Ballesta has more goals(25).
He played last year for the relegated Salamanca the year before that he already played for Malaga.
He almost always scores goals he's very good and if Sensi buys him i think he could even sell montella or delvechio.
And Nasty Stick wy is Malaga a bad team they played great matches even against top clubs.
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