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aroon finally here on xtratime!!!!!
what happened to the trifon ivanov transfer to milan?:D

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The Sheva site:

Thanx :) :D :)
Great site. :cool:
But I thought it's not the first? Isn't there another one (...members.xoom. ...) dedicated to Sheva? I downloaded tens of pictures of Sheva there. Well, I hope most of the pictures on your site (Woww!) are the ones I haven't got yet.

Keep it up!

Forza Lazio

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Update to Shevchenko Site

Hi Milan Tifosi

hey Nasty Nick that Trifon Ivanov thing was only a joke hahahaha...........
i did it coz some milan fans pissed me off....sorry

any way the Sheva site will be re built......
the new version of the site will be available in 2 weeks



it will be much improved ......

if any one has any content about andri shevchenko plz email me or jan.......

[email protected]

thanx...........forza milan
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