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New Serie A Side- Must read!!

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have any of u heard of the new serie A side it is called :

FC Mekhmed Shecherbeg

it sounds really really cool!!
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A new Serie A side (or site you mean?) called like that??
and..uhm..from Somalia? (Mekmed Shecherbeg-Somalia)!?

Yeah, sounds very great! ;)

And, in your profile, it says you are a ''apprentise pitcka hunter''..uhm.....EMIR!!!! What does that mean in Bosnian? :D
( I dont know if you also spell the word like that though..but the pronounciation looks very familair!)
Michel, picka means vagina, woman's thing, pussssy.
Nice job I must say :)
Dino...I have NO idea what you are talkin about! :D

*I said with an innocent voice* ;)
Dino, i think Michel knew what pitchka means... :p
Picka hunter?????
Are you from ex -yu
serbs are fine... :p
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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