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New players to Zvezda!!

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Of course, these are all still speculations, but on glas-javnosti they say it seems Sasa Zoric ( Obilic's captain) is moving to Zvezda and so is Dejan Radjenovic from OFK Beograd..
I don't know about Radjenovic (they say he was a great tandem with Pjanovic while they played together in OFK), but Zoric would be a fantastic investment..
But we'll know more after the transfer period.. :) :)
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Hahahaha...this just proves what kind of team you are, you have to get the talent from alsewhere, while at Partizan, we get most of our good players from home(Partizans lower teams)

...you sad things :)
all I have to say to that Grobar-Otago is that obviously our system is working much better than yours, seeing as we only lost 1 match all season.... :) :) :)

Zvezda je zivot ostalo su sitnice!
And Grobar_Otago, one more thing, Zoric is a player who started his career in Zvezda and went through all Zvezda's junior selections..
He is just coming back home... :) :) :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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