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OK - now that we've had a day to let the win over England sink in, let's take a quick peek at what our beloved Eagles have been up to...

Miguel - The deal to bring in Estrela Amadora's leading scorer last season is nearly done. The forward will come to the Luz to replace Joao Pinto alongside Nuno Gomes in attack. Cadete and Luis Carlos are loaned to EA as part of the deal. I think this is a good deal. With Jardel sure to leave Porto, Nuno Gomes, fresh off his Euro 2000 kick-ass performance, will become the premier striker in Primeira Liga, with Miguel (a legitimate 1st division forward) at his side at a fraction of the cost a top-name striker would have commanded. This leaves the majority of the saved JVP money left to sign a name in the central midfield.

Marchena & Dudic - These two signings have the potential of making Benfica very strong in central defense for years to come, with each being signed to 4-year deals (assuming JVA pays Sevilla for the transfer fee!!!). The question is, who will play on the wings?

Let's take a sneak peek of next year's lineup:

GK: Enke
D: Rojas, Marchena, Dudic, Ronaldo (Meira???)
M: Poborsky, Kandaurov, Calado, Sabry
F: Miguel, Nuno Gomes

Not bad - Poborsky most likely will stay, while the midfield is still likely to be upgraded (read: Kandaurov is out, new "name" offensive midfielder is in).

What do you guys think?
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