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New players:dreams?

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Tuttosport yesterday wrote that Asta probably will go to Genova at samp,where he will find again Novellino.

So next year we should have Flachi ,Stellone and Asta.
And someone speaks about Shwoch(grammatically uncorrect I think,I'm sorry:) ).

Without forgetting Matuzalem,Mora,Gautieri,Carrera.

Let's see...
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One thing is sure: next year we'll be a really strong team with a (finally) strong coach.
Skogeta, getting stellone from us isnt a certain as it was just yesterday... Corbelli, napoli's owner has sold his remaining shares to salvatore naldi, our president. This means that naldi is the new owner of napoli. He has the financial backing that we need to be great again, and has already started undoing some of the bad that corbelli left... he has asked gigi de canio to stay.

Anyway, i'm sure he will try to convince stellone, vidigal and the rest to remain in naples as he plans to pursue a serious project for the future.
Sebastien I know very well that now all the voices are no sure,and infact they are just voices,and more from Tuttosport...

You're right your new president has to make a good team again,but even Marotta and Garrone have to make samp great after theese years of darkness....as Flachigoal has said,I'm sure that samp will become great again.We have just to wait,something will happen.And you too,your situation is changed now.But I don't think it's so different from the time of Corbelli.

Now we can just put some comments about all the voices that we read on the newspapers,voices for the most part created by the ill minds of journalists to sell more...so...
I can just continue to go to the stadium to see sampdoria:this is the only important thing.Bye.:)
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