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New player to Lazio

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I´ve been on vaccation and missed all info about the Lazio transfers. Can some one update me ?

Thanks !!!
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Hehehe Salazio i like it :p
The 100% done deals so far Peruzzi $15, Carini $8 and Baronio $8!! Lopez $28 will sign today after medical tests a 5 year contract :D!! Then its 90% sure that we will swap Lombardi for Colonesse (this deal is already said to be done!!) Crovari has retured from loan!! The only deals left at the moment are Angel who has nearly been signed but might go straight to Parma as an exchange for Parma since Salas refuses to go, maybe even Boksic may be traded to Parma as the replacment attacker. We have also got De La Pena :):) (i think he will be a big help to our squad!!)
The Crespo deal will be about $60-65 and Lazio will give part exchange almeyda + Salas/Boksic/Angel

Our sales are so far Ballotta $2 to Inter, Almeyda $25 to Parma, Boksic is about to be sold to Galatassary for $8

thanks for the information, because i couldnt distinguish between the 100% deals and the nearly deals
We've got:
Peruzzi and Colonnese (Inter), Carini (Danubio), Crovari (Treviso), De La Pena (Ol.Marseille), C.Lopez (Valencia), Baronio (Reggina), Coppini (Brescia)

We've lost:
Almeyda (Parma), Mondini (Napoli), Ballotta and Lombardi (Inter), Boksic (Galatasaray), Crovari (Vicenza)

We are trying to:

Koller (Anderlecht), Jorgensen, Giannichedda and Fiore (Udinese), Toldo (Fiorentina), Rivaldo and Figo (Barcellona), Panucci and Vieri (Inter), Crespo (Parma), Materazzi e Olive (Perugia), Laursen (Verona), Angel (River Plate), Macellari (Cagliari), Morientes (Real Madrid), Overmars (Arsenal)

Hehehe well if u want to name the whole lot u can :)
Was Mondini a loan only? Well i don't really want him!! Maybe this means we will keep Carini and not loan him!!
And also did we loan/sell crovari as well?
other transfers are:
Concetti (gk) and Cinelli (mid) have gone on loan to sum serie c club for experience!!
We are also trying to swap ugly Dario Marcolin for Simone Vergassola who is a regular starter at Sampdoria. Hes a midfielder but thats all i know!!

Also Pierre Olive has signed with Torino i think

Pierre,so far i never knew that we are trying to get morientes:confused:.is it true???and about Koller it is only a suggest from Nedved;)jorgensen??are u sure we are trying to get him:confused::confused::confused:
He got the transfers + rumours from that rai site!!

I havent heard any of the Morientes or Jorgensen either

I've heard the rumour for Jorgensen, he intend to be a backup for Nedved. I don't know what so say on it , but i think that i have read this in a topic somewhere here :)
Yeahh, i got it from http://www.raisport.rai.it

Jorgensen is not for sale :(
Koller is likely to play for Udinese for next season.
I don't think Lazio will sign Morientes
Olive hasn't signed a contract yet, has he?? coz i thought that there's still a problem about salary, anyway, we don't need him that badly :)

I should add Vergassola for Marcolin (anyone knows that he's got the best car in Lazio team?? :D
Marcolin is used to play for Italian U-21 right??
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