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New Panamerican Cup ????

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Conmebol and Concacaf are ready to strike gold with this NEW Tournament that would come to replace the Defuncts MercoNorte and MercoSur Cups.
If it flyes, it could be in August 2002 (Barely two months from now )
These would be the two Groups in the Cup:

Group 1 (16 Teams) // Group 2 (16 Teams)

Country # Teams // Country # Teams

Argentina 4 // México 4
Brasil 4 // Estados Unidos 2
Uruguay 2 // Colombia 2
Chile 2 // Perú 2
Paraguay 2 // Venezuela 1
Bolivia 1 // Ecuador 2
último campeón Copa Mercosur 1 // Centroamérica y Caribe 3

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Sounds good. But is the number of clubs each country enters into the tournament going to stay the same each year, or can it change depending on something like the world rankings?
Tim said:
Sounds good. But is the number of clubs each country enters into the tournament going to stay the same each year, or can it change depending on something like the world rankings?
Conmebol Web Site doesnt really get into many details yet, but for now the mix seems to be fair and looks good, obviously that has to do with which Teams represent a given Country.

The Cup will definetely take place in August...How the USSF will choose the MLS Teams, thats to be seen, but with The US Cup at hand too, this is going to be a difficult decision on who goes and where !!!!

The INfamous Cup

Wil it be played ?? Will it not ??? Taht is the big QUESTION ???? :eek:

Conflicting news out of Conmebol Headquarters in Asuncion, Paraguay on 7-2 Have the Cup On and Off a few times..

A FINAL and irrevocable decision is to be made my the end of today July 3r, 2002.

July 15th ....

July 15th ....
In Buenos Aires, on the above mentioned date, Conmebol will announce the future of the PanAmerican Cup.
Until then everything is up in the air.


It doesnt look :glasses: that its going to fly !!!
Meeting of 7-15

This right off the Conembol Web Site......

The Panamerican Cup as originally proposed with Teams from that Federation PLUS Concacaf's WILL FLY but in the 2nd half of 2003.

No mention is made in the Official Web Site for any other Cups at the Club level in this year 2002.

Pan-American Cup Not a reality yet !!!


Unresolved differences between South American Confederation of Futbol (CSF) and CONCACAF (a.k.a. the Football Confederation or the FC) have postponed the Pan-American Cup from happening this year. There were just too many discrepancies on how the Tournament was to be handled. The CSF was to handle the tournament, but contacted the FC in April to have the tournament to begin in August. The time span was too short for the FC and the CSF to workout the kinks.

Starting with the differences of which teams would participate and how the teams would be paired up, the FC representatives would like to have the best teams to participate in the tournament. CSF has said that the tournament wouldn't replace the Copa Libertadores, but would include teams that were best from their countries. The CSF wanted the Pan-American Cup to replace both the Mercosur Cup and the Merconorte Cup. Instead of having two separate tournaments, there would be two groups. Group One was a make up of the Southern most countries of South America. Group Two would contain from the FC and from the Northern most countries. Also this tournament wouldn't be an invitational tournament like the Mercosur and Merconorte Cups. Instead teams would have to qualify for the 32 spots. However sequence of qualification wasn't decided upon by the two Confederations. Then the FC wanted to insure that if their best teams would play, then have the best of South America participate as well. The CSF could not guarantee this could happen. The FC wanted to see more matches with teams like Boca Juniors from Argentina going against Club America of Mexico, because those are the matches' people would pay to see.

Which brings up the last point and perhaps the biggest sticky point, Television revenue. After seeing how the Copas Merconorte and Mercosur tournaments would fail, the two Confederations wanted to make sure that the Television rights were ironed out. The Argentine-Brazil consortium TyT, which is the combination of Torneos and Competencias of Argentina and Traffic of Brazil, handled the two tournaments. However, the Merconorte matches were never televised, due to squabbling of the Argentine group and the confederations that had teams involved. In all fairness the majority of the problems were linked to the economical problems of Argentina, but it had a huge impact on how the Television was being carried out in South America. With the buyout of the Pan-American Sports Network (PSN), television coverage of sports from Latin America is going through a metamorphism. At the time of this writing, there hasn't been a Television deal or organization that could handle the coverage of the Pan-American Cup.

With these issues still have to be ironed out; there is still the hope that the tournament will be taken place in 2003. The FC has revamped its Club Championship, so it can work an agreement with CSF. The two Confederations used to hold the Inter-American Cup, but the South American teams never took this seriously. So hopefully there will be an All-American tournament which crowns the best team in the Americas', both for the North and the South.


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