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New Members!

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New boy :eek:)

I'm one of the users who have defected from ITV Football and it looks a bit more hi-tec here/ Can anyone go through the different tabs for me :confused:

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Hello mate! Good to see you over here.....

As for your request, I have to admit to being a bit baffled myself...

Anyone help?


Whatchu want, Grizzly Adams?
What do you want to know guys?
Well, all the fancy buttons under vB Code, anything or anyone to watch out for....acceptable/unacceptable behaviour...it'd be nice to know whats what before putting my foot in it......


What can I say? I was very relaxed at the time, and when I'm relaxed....I let rip.
well it looks like the revolution is almost complete!
itv will crumble to it's certain death!
nice to see you BIG.
who else is missing? just cradle isnt it?
You can check out the help file with the vB Code to check out all flashy things you can do :)

If you want more help just PM me and I'll be glad helping out :)
What a lot of new members all of a sudden!
better to have more people
a greater army of the gunners to take on the forums
First the arsenal forum-
next the entire site!!! :devil:
Hey I'm also a newbie to these forums...

Hello there people! I have also recruited here from another (and now frustratingly disappointing) message board. Hey JLE and Bastin etc! It's me - 0-0 to the Arsenal! Anyway I have joined here to have much more interesting and innovative footy discussions. Thanks guys!
Welcome on board then.....quite a relief to see that you're not PTN or someone as I didn't recognise the Ljungberg name. :)
On the ITV boards the Arsenal forum basically was the site. It had the most posts by miles, and everyone spent their time there and nowhere else. Thats why over here we have to let the likes of Final Word and Sparky come to the arsenal boards as much as they like. They're good blokes and we kno em, and itll prob seem natural to em.

Anyway, with any luck cradle should be joining us. I keep forgetting to mention it to him tho :)
We don't mind other supporters here at all.

Remember, Xtratime is a community and the best communities don't practise segregation.
I'm going to merge all the 'Newbies' threads together guys.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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