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Valencia `Experience 'will be the new sponsor of the team
16.05.08 | 02:00. Archived on Deports

The signature 'Valencia Experience' look at the shirt of Valencia from next season. The new sponsor will replace the Toyota brand car for five campaigns that the group has been visible on the elastic Valencia.

Indeed, Valencia is already beginning to look ahead and despite the severe economic crisis that lurks at the Mestalla entity of the club closes in the coming days an agreement that join this group of entrepreneurs Valencia-ups, giving shelve the problem that had gone to find a company that was announced in the shirts after the Japanese company announced that it would not continue.

The new brand that will look into the shirt of the players of Valencia is managed by the company GPC Valencia, traditionally devoted to license and exploitation of brands, as well as the development and management of sponsorships, etc.. In addition, one of the missions of this signing is the return of the influx of large public sporting events to be held Turia's main city in the coming months as the americas's Cup or Formula 1.
The company has seen in the Valencia CF a chance of promotion at the international level.
1 - 20 of 173 Posts
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