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Well last night I did a few things.
1. I created a mailing list for the Seleccao Portugal. Even used a corny slogan like "JOIN THE SELECCAO!" :)
2. If u noticed I added green rows with bold white font behind. The reasoning is simple. The green is a sharp color and will attract people's eyes to that area.
3. I am sure you noticed that beige table on the right. Well a rundown on what each section means:

-Euro 2000/WC 2002--Group Table, Scorers and Card Count
-Tactics, an image of the tactice employed by Portugal in their last game
-Stats/match Photos/downloads...I think I don't have to clarify those :)

the wildcard is....3-way opinion. This is something that Penguin brought up and I think it would be a great idea. What it would be is simple. 1 Portista-1Benfiquista-Sportingista write opposing articles. "Should Sa Pinto be starting" "Where is Chainho?", "Is JVP gay; the evidence inside" ;)

so what do u guys think? Everyone still gung-ho about participating???



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I'd like to contribute an article on JVP being Pinto Da Costa's secret lover for the past 6 years and that's the reason why Benfica has not won the title! :) :)
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