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New defender has arrived!!!

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According to teamtalkworld.com inter has signed a defender.

"According to Mr. Oliva, manager of the south American defender from San Lorenzo, Fusineri, the player is already Inter Milan's.
Even if the Italian team has not given an official announcement yet, it seems that Fusineri will arrive in Italy only in January.
The Milan squad has in the meantime denied any interest in the famous Argentine striker from River Plate, Martin Palermo.
However in South America they seem pretty convinced that Palermo, who almost went to Lazio a few years ago, is ready to go playing for a European team."
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Palermo playes for Boca !!!;)
I love him!!! he is a good striker !!!
We would be great if hell play next to V32 !!!
Thats untill R9 will return !!!
SOme times their is alot of bull coming from Teamtalk.com
but what good does it do for this player to arrive in January.
I like Palermo also. I would much prefer him to Hakan Sukur. Hakan Sukur PLEASE DONT COME!!!
teamtalk.com talks too much
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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