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New deal for Crespo!!

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Instead of getting Almeyda+Salas we will get Almeyda + Conceicao + $$$. This also means that we don't have to go with Salas as Amoroso's partner up front. We can go hunting for a striker of our choice. Maybe Montella? Or why not Delvecchio? Kovacevic?
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Eriksson has said no to a transfer or Conceciao so that´s out of the question. Cragnotti will probably persuade Salas to go or he´ll try and sell him to Inter or some other team ( or use him as a very expensiv bench player ).

Not for Sale:

Nedved - Cragnotti turned down 45M$ from United ( Amazing )
Nesta - No Comment
Veron - No Comment
Conceciao - No from Eriksson
Pinzi - Eriksson wanted him to stay in the squad one more season

For Sale:

De La Pena
Simeone - He was set for Spain but right now I think he´ll stay.
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