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Instead of getting Almeyda+Salas we will get Almeyda + Conceicao + $$$. This also means that we don't have to go with Salas as Amoroso's partner up front. We can go hunting for a striker of our choice. Maybe Montella? Or why not Delvecchio? Kovacevic?

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no this is not a done deal by far!

Conceicao will not leave Lazio until they sign Overmars orsomeonelikehim, well Overmars is easier to get since
Pires, Edu and Lauren signed for Arsenal:)

I don't know if Salas doesn't want to come to Parma, it seems unlikly now:)

Montella would be the best BUT Muzzi or Sesa will also be perfect in my view...
Lucarelli is also HEAVY!

Milocevic will sign for R. Madrid,if not he will go to Fiorentina:( we are not really in the race for him i guess:(

Recoba!!! but thats just a dream;)

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We can get Recoba anytime we want Willem,btu we definitely dont need him...stay away!

I know a couple of forwards over here in Greece who would surpise lots of people...should I sent an e-mail at Tanzi?

Sesa is too light for a forward,he is mainly a winger...

I like Muzzi

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Eriksson has said no to a transfer or Conceciao so that´s out of the question. Cragnotti will probably persuade Salas to go or he´ll try and sell him to Inter or some other team ( or use him as a very expensiv bench player ).

Not for Sale:

Nedved - Cragnotti turned down 45M$ from United ( Amazing )
Nesta - No Comment
Veron - No Comment
Conceciao - No from Eriksson
Pinzi - Eriksson wanted him to stay in the squad one more season

For Sale:

De La Pena
Simeone - He was set for Spain but right now I think he´ll stay.
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