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New club for Sergi

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If Sergi would leave which club would he join??
I have heard small rumors linking him to Italy, but Seria A is not the league for a attacking winger.
Which club would be the best for him?

I hope he doesnt leave. Zenden is not lef-back, Bogarde is as always a zero and that new Brazilian signing sounds strange.
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Get your facts straight.Sergi has been strongly linked with a move to England not Italy.Liverpool and Chelsea are willing to take him.

Athirson signing is not "strange" its a great move,able to solve many many problems at yoiur left side since for some reason Van Gaal doesnt trust Sergi...

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Whenever there are players for sale at discount prices an english club seems to appera. Look at Chelsea, all of their players were bought on sale or when they were out of form.
Don't go, Sergi!
C'mon, all the Barca fans, do you also think that he should leave as VG's thought? Do you really just wanna see the pure Dutch National Team in Barca?
And Zenden is more suitable in Overmas' role,(as in 98WC), why do you want Overmas that much? you don't really need him. Then Sergi can stay and partner with Zenden together.

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As we saw against Mallorca and Chelsea, former Barca defenders, Nadal and Ferrer, discarder by Van Gaal, showed they still had a number of tricks and skills left inside of them, Sergi will do the same, whatever club he will be sold too, one day they'll face Barca, and he'll show VG's arrogant head what he can still do. So, just don't sell him at all, Barca would also lose another Spanish international if VG sells him.
Remember Euro 96???, Sergi was Spain's best player.
Sergi going to that sorry azz team looserpool man that sux azz!!!

No way, i cant see him going to England. In that case maybe Arsenal (AAAAAAging defenders) or MAn U (Irwin getti'n old)
Sergi has to stay! He's a great player, and there is no real substitution for him in our squad. Zenden is ok, but he's more a winger.
I agree with you "A Dutch FCB fan" Sergi is a great player and has to stay.
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