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New captain

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The suspension of right winger Cafu has provided national team coach Wanderley Luxemburgo with yet another problem. He needs both a substitute and a replacement as captain. If Evanilson is the natural replacement, and indeed he has already been confirmed for the game against Argentina, the captain’s armband has no clear owner. However, Wanderley is expected to make the announcement regarding Cafu’s replacement on Friday.

Wanderley has already had long discussions with full back Antonio Carlos and Emerson, which leads us to assume that they are the most likely candidates for the job of captain. These two experienced players were both suspended recently and are expected to be back in action in the match against Argentina in Morumbi next Wednesday. Coincidentally, both play for Rome in Italy.

Statements by the two possible captains show their willingness to take on the. “We have all the potential to play far better than we did against Paraguay. But to do this we have to really show are desire to improve, as just technique will not guarantee a win” explained Emerson.

The veteran Antonio Carlos also showed how keen he is take on the commanding role. “To play wearing this jersey one has to have more than just talent, you also need courage and character. We need to show our best against Argentina. If we knew what was wrong we would already have fixed the problem”.

This is not the only change in plans for Brazil. The technical committee has decided to bring the national team back to Sao Paulo on Sunday rather than Tuesday - to get them in the right frame of mind for the classic against Argentina as early as possible.
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Roberto Carlos is the only real candidate for captain. Emerson is still a junior member. And although Antonio Carlos is a longer serving player Roberto Carlos has over 65 caps.
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