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Can you tell me the nearest distance between you and Inter you have ever been? One mile, it's my answer

I Know Recoba and Sorondo can not stand for the whole of INTER but at least the feeling of their being there is the same. It is just like that they both have put off the black and blue jersies yesterday and tonight they are in Uruguay's blue in Wulihe Sadium(River Five Chinese-miles Stadium), Shenyang, China.A warmup match between China and Uruguay ended here with the Recobas' 2:0 win. I also hope the both goals scorer - Abreau,will appear in Serie A soon.:cool:

I have not the chance to see them just in the stadium and I have not got their signs. This makes me very disappointed. Perhaps for lack of money, but still other reasons there, because I prefer to a $25 ticket of a famous Chinese singer's concert live with my girlfriend. The ticket price of the match is less than that. Perhaps I must put the limited money in the things can-be-shared with her and make her happy, abosolutely not for my own joyness ONLY.

One mile, without meeting, without signs but, the distance will be remembered for my whole life time and I also believe this is not the nearest one I can be from Inter. The future will be better and better.

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