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neunzig Minuten im Bernabéu Stadion sind sehr lang

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It used to said Juanito (RIP), I want Real win tonight but with the respect that some others had forgotten.

Good luck!
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Bayern Munich knows 90 mins can be very long in Spain, but it was Nou Camp ;)

I think everyone is aware of that this match wont be the easiest one for Bayern. Usually, a 2-1 home victory isnt a perfect result u can dream of. But then again, Bayern has this cold attitude of killers and I really have the feeling they will be able to eliminate Real Madrid the same cold, calculated way they did to others in the past.
The record of Bayern in the last years give us hope aswell, 6 victories out of 7 matches is very impressing :)
Moreover, Reals defense looks very shaky. Pavon is still very unexperienced and mainly hyped by the Real fans, he did not actually impress me so far. Hierro has the experience, but he is very slow and could get a lot of problems to stop Bayern fast attackers. Especially the last half an hour in the first leg, where Hierro was mainly fouling and hitting the opponent instead of winning a tackling have underlined my opininon that Hierro is way past his best time.
Salgaldo isnt an impressive right back either, and Roberto Carlos always looks very lost if he faces Hasan Salihamidzic. He nearly gets ridiculed and it becomes obvious for everyone that Carlos, with regards to his defensive abilities, is a very limited player.
Coming to the last man, the goalie... Cesar looks okay on the line, but very insecure when he has to controll long balls and moves around in the penalty area. Same goes for Casillas, who isnt any better at all.

So I am pretty confident that Bayern should be able to score a goal against you, and then it will become pretty tough for Real. Bayern defense is the strongest one in the competition with less goals conceeded and even though Reals attacking forces are impressive, I think Bayerns defense paired with some attacks of Salihamidzic and others with one or two goals will help Bayern to prevail and reach the semifinals against Barcelona :)

Good luck to your team aswell :)
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I don't believe

I think Bayern was too conservative, and Bernabeu is a tomb to draw-hunters.

Good luck in Bundesliga!
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