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I know many of ya will tell me that I´m wrong but I'm telinng ya now, Nesta will arivee sooner or later this summer.

I can't see his future at Lazio, I know his a Laziale, but now he's getting 26(I think) and he wants trophe´s, and at Lazio he won't get them. Moratti has chased him a time now and soon he will make a new bid for him and then I'm sure he will accept it. Why would he leave Lazio?
I don't have a straight answer to that but I can tell ya that som things that maybe could do that he will end upp in Inter:

1.Moratti, when he'll bid him then Cragnotti will accept!
2.Lazio have to start all over...
3.After seen this,

"Everyone is free to do what they feel is right,” said the captain, “even if I was upset at our fans’ behaviour.”

“As for the Scudetto, I am sorry that Inter lost it as I have many friends in that team such as Francesco Toldo, Christian Vieri and Marco Materazzi. But this is football.”

He says that he has friends at Inter, yeah ofcourse, but why hasn't mentioned that he's sorry for Totti or glad for Buffon.:rolleyes: Cuz I belive he like those friends alot, Inter have first of all Toldo, I could imagine that he's like a captain, and Materazzi a close friend and ofcourse Vieri! He wants to play with us next season I feel that, just as u all know.
I don't know how to play how we should play if he will arivee, but damn i wouldn't mind us playing with three, why not like this..

---Chiuvu(a new player)-------------------------------J.Zanetti



anyway forza inter!

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i don't know, man...but i think we do need nesta...if u think our defense was good enough, then u r wrong...we have conceded 35 goals while juve only conceded like 23...that's 12 goal difference... :eek: and they are still talking about getting cannavaro/nesta...

i like matrix...but i m sorry...i'd trade him for nesta...

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Hey me too !
I too think that we do need NESTA !!
Nesta is ofcourse better than Materazzi !
though Materazzi played very well in his first spell with INTER !
NESTA - CORDOBA duo in the central defense would be very great !

By the way why did MATERAZZI say like that to CONTE !!
I think he shouldn't have said those to Conte !
We lost the title in unconvincing way !! but we should accept the defeat !
But I know INTER would be more dangerous next season !
coz, I know Cuper's not gonna make many changes !
Just three/four changes are more than enough !!





the other reason why NESTA would come to us in INTER is that coz of LAZIO fans !!
Lazio fans did help us, but it wasn't good to help us even if Juventus were winning with a two goal margin lead !
anyway thanxs LAZIO FANS !! not players !!for the help
I am not angry with LAZIO players too !
that was sportsmanship !
why to lose a game !!

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He will arivee I don't know how we should get him, but if we get Nesta, it's always positive, no doubt!
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