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Posted June 8, 2002 - 19:00 by Mattias

Alessandro Nesta could be forced to miss Italy’s decisive match with Mexico on Thursday afternoon.

The defender limped off during the first half of today’s 2-1 defeat to Croatia and the Azzurri medical staff admitted there was a possibility he would not recover in time.

“There are no fractures,” revealed Dr. Andrea Ferretti, “and we will do everything we can to get him fit quickly. But from what my experience tells me, it’ll be difficult.”

The Lazio captain explained the symptoms of this injury. “I felt a really strong pain on the sole of my foot, as if there was a stud inside it.”

“I asked the referee to stop play three or four times, but he wouldn’t listen,” added Nesta. “What did he think I was trying to do?”


Now here we go:rolleyes:

After Croatia's game, Italy really did not need something like this.
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