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nesta and canna!!!????

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this is what i found on the itv website!!!!!!! sounds too good to be true!!!!!!!

Alessandro Nesta
From: Lazio
To: Manchester United
Source: The Sun
Fee: £ 30,000,000
Date: 16/04/2002
Extra Extra: Reports in Italy have suggested that Manchester United's 30m deal for the Lazio skipper is done and dusted. Sir Alex Ferguson flew to Rome last month to run the rule over the accomplished centre-back and a tentative enquiry was made as to his availability. However, talks have progressed recently and the mammoth deal is likely to be finalised once the Premiership season finishes in May.

Fabio Cannavaro
From: Parma
To: Manchester United
Source: News of the World
Fee: £ 24,000,000
Date: 14/04/2002
Extra Extra: The awesome Italian defender has put Manchester United on alert after suggesting he does not want to stay at Parma beyond this season. Cannavaro says that the Italians have changed their objectives, and Sir Alex Ferguson may target him to shore up the champions leaky defence.
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You're taking The Sun as your source :dazed: :rolleyes: ?! Well dont man! Lazio's president Sergio Crangotti confirmed on Wednesday that Nesta is definetly staying for another season along with Crespo! So there you go!

Sorry to disappoint you man ;) !
It's not true. Maybe there sorting out a deal for Nesta in a few seasons, but not now.
It cant happen Cannavaro and Nesta same time!
And i think Hofland is coming not Canna and nesta
even though i think these rumours are bullsh!t, i reckon there could be some truth in them.... and i would love to see the effect on veron, with him teaming up with his former captain..
*sounding like a broken record*

Nesta will not come. Period. ;)
Jacob, what clubs are you a supporter from? Lazio, Manchester United, both, or neither? While it's true that Nesta will probably not come, you certainly try to state this a bit too "fanatically" at times. Just curious which club(s) you're supporting.
Both. And have been since 1994. United from 1991 and Lazio from 1994. Thing is...Nesta keeps getting mentioned and there's no way he will be sold. I've said so many times and if people would care to read the Lazio forum once in a while when it comes to Nesta-rumours then I wouldn't "have" to say it time and time again. Nesta is the heart and soul of Lazio, the icon of the club, a member of the board at the club and whatnot. He was born and breed into Lazio and he will stay. If Lazio need cash so badly that they will have to sell some BIG stars, then everyone else will go first; i.e. Crespo, Mendieta, Fiore, Lopez, whoever. :)
Mate, there is no way we can get both Canna and Nesta at the same time. Both will stay in Italy for at least this season. I don't rule out the possibility that Nesta may move if Lazio fail to perform again next year, but for now, he stays at Lazio. Canna is probably (I'd venture a 95% guess) going to either Juve, Milan or Inter. Supposedly, AC Milan have the inside track on Canna right now, which fills me with endless joy :D

But not both; that's almost ₤60mm between the two of them. Plus you're adding Beckham's new contract. There is no way Man United's board would approve that one with very few funds coming in to compensate.
I agree with jacob,

money willl not buy a player like Nesta.

Some people are just meant to never leave a club, Raul for Madrid, Totti for Roma, Nesta for Lazio, and i would Add Beckham for United. Also Del Pierro and Juve.

Sometimes other circumstances get in the way Eg Figo to Madrid.

But anythign can happen in modern day football, who would of though we would have got veron.
The Cannavaro and Nesta deals are done and dusted

I've heard from very reliable sources that we've agreed to sign the both of them in exchange for Ronnie Wallwork and Danny Webber...plus cash of course....Parma will pay us 20 million quid and Lazio 25...
this is ridiculus, man u would be lucky to get one of the players!!

get over it, nesta and cannavaro are not going to Man U.
my prediction: cannavaro will go to juventus...nesta will stay at lazio...
The rumours will come and go but one thing is for certain, Nesta plays/lives for one team only!!!

v:>23 said:
Nesta is definetly staying for another season along with Crespo! So there you go!

Sorry to disappoint you man ;) !
That is incorrect, Nesta will stay with us for good!
Its kinda frustrating when you have to repeat things time and again.:mad::frustrat:

Its highly unlikely that Nesta will be wearing our shirt next season.Even if he dos decide to leave,his first preference is Spain and Real Madrid would pay a monumental fee to Lazio and snap him up.

Cannavaro has publicly said that he would love to play for Juve and will not be leaving Italy when he leaves Parma.It could be a blessing in disguise because as as he arrives in Juve,I expect United to pick up Thuram from the "old lady" of Turin.

So in the end we might pick up Thuram by default.;)
Everytime I've seen Nesta recently, he's been a bit cack. Maybe this is down to the fact he's playing in an average team;) I don't know, but at the moment, I'm actually quite happy with Blanc. Next season, maybe this hofland will come in and hopefully Blanc will agree to another year. I wouldn't bet against it. Fergie's powers of persuation are legendary. Wes Brown's development continues, and then there's John O'Shea. One thing that I heard recently, and that interested me, is that Costacurta is out of contract. Maybe, if Blanc does retire, and we're looking for more experience in the back again, fergie will look at him. He has been a great player.
He has been a great player.
He has been a great player.

Costacurta's been one of the cornerstones of the legendary Milan team of the early 90's and he was one of the best back then.However now age has caught up with him and he's just ruining his reputation by continuing to play.Ask any Milan fan andthey'll be more happy to see him leave Milan next season and hopefully retire.So I dont want him over at United.....no way!!!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! not costacurta!!! plzzzz......

I dunno who hofland is....

Nesta is still quality, it may well be down to the fact that he is playing in a team which are not playing as well as they should.

The sheer number of times the ball is coming to the lazio box means that nesta may have to make twice as many tackles, saves, interceptions as he normally would. Therefore hes bound to make an error or so!!!

Blanc was sensational last night against chelsea, frikken magic. Brown was good in the air but his passing let him down!!!

there doesnt seem to be a lot of quality defnders going round, i think we missed out big on Sol!
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Fred Elliot said:
One thing that I heard recently, and that interested me, is that Costacurta is out of contract. Maybe, if Blanc does retire, and we're looking for more experience in the back again, fergie will look at him. He has been a great player.
Mate, there is a reason Billy Costacurta is out of contract and won't be returning to Milan. He's horrible! He used to be good but I think it's important to stress that United need players who can stand up to the rigors of the EPL or, like Blanc, have the tactical intelligence to know where to position themselves in the flow of the game. Billy has neither (any Milan fan can tell you that). He's aging and will be coming off of major knee injury so any team picking him up will take a chance.

Billy has had the great fortune of playing alongside some of the best defenders of all time: Baresi and Maldini. But his flaws and lack of growth has been masked because for year's Milan has had a truly daunting defense. Costacurta is only an option if you surround him with other world class defenders. He should not be singled out as a replacement for a world class defender.
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