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Hi guys,

In recent months I haven't been posting here since much of my time goes to work and a new assignment with a big Swedish football site that covers most clubs and NT's from around the world. I'm of course in charge with covering our NT and 1.HNL with a couple of other Croatians. The site can be found here: www.svenskafans.com/europa/ ... not that you will understand much but still :D

Anyway since I'm not here 24/7 anymore, there's no need for me to site on a FM position. Therefore it's up to you if you need another FM or if you will do fine as it is?

I'm not going leave this place for good, been here since 2001 ffs! :howler: I will still be around to read your posts and perhaps drop a few lines myself once in a while.

That's all folks!
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