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Nedved wants to move to mu !!!!!!!!

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What do you think guys .....

Our most important midfielder wants to move there (MU) ..... what's wrong with this player now ????
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Pavel Nedved, a hero last year
for Lazio when he scored the winning -- and last ever -- goal in
the European Cup Winners' Cup final, is hoping to find similar
success this year in the European championships with the Czech
national team.
After the finals, the 27-year-old free-kick specialist said
he may be ready for a move from Lazio and said he would love to
play for Manchester United.
The Czechs are depending on the gifted midfielder with a
penchant for clashing with referees to provide extra scoring
potential behind Anderlecht's scoring machine Jan Koller.
Nedved was sent off in the qualifying match against the
Faroe Islands for arguing with the referee and with Patrick
Berger suspended for the first two matches of the finals --
against the Netherlands and France, even more of an onus will
fall on the Lazio player.
Nedved has scored seven goals in 41 internationals and is
currently among the top 10 earners in Serie A. He moved to Lazio
after winning three Czech league titles with Sparta Prague --
and has now helped Rome club to their first league title since
Even though he has traded his Czech tastes for Italian --
collecting wine, for example, despite having launched his career
in Plzen, a city world-known for its Pilsner Urquell lager -- he
has not ruled out the possibility of a transfer.
"I like playing in Italy, but the stress is enormous here
and quite often it's killing me," he told the Czech journal

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how many times do i have to tell you,don't read crappy english magazines,its only rumours nothing else.
personally i think nedved told daily soccer, "i love lazio and would never play in such a bad league like epl".
but they change the story to "nedved set to sign for man utd"
i just hate this magazine.....
Some guy in the bar just told me Batistuta is coming to Lazio,
and yesterday I overheard two construction-workers talking
about Cragnotti selling Nesta to Juventus, and on top of that
my cousin called to tell me that Lazio is negotiating with Figo.
On our forum we've had this rubentino di merda Willem Sterk
with his crap story about Rivaldo. And now you come with this
story about Nedved, ... I've had it with all these rumors!!!
Lazindo, i think you read the article wrong.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR> After the finals , the 27-year-old free-kick specialist said he may be ready for a move from Lazio and said he would love to play for Manchester United. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

He said this after the European Cup Winners' Cup final last year but hey mentioned it now in the article. Quite confusing and it's just to start rumours i think..
I dont know nithing about this transfer stuff ?? !!!
I don't know who is coming or going ... I think that just C. Lopez and Carini :)
That makes sense.Nedved will go to Manchester United so he can happily sit on the bench watching Giggs play!


Rule #1 for football fans.DONT TRUST ENGLISH MEDIA! dont trust teamtalk,dont trust soccernet,dont trust daillysoccer.None of them.

Nedved is staying put unless Crag wants this team to fell apart.

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
Amo, it makes as much sense as you do!!!

Nasty Nick, this is the only (online) magazine that I can read, the rests are in Italian, you should suggest me some soccer magazines that contain informations from Italian League.... you know here EPL are more popular than Italian League, since they have the same language .... for those magazines (Match, Four Four Two, World Soccer), there are too few Italian news .....

So I don't have any choice, yeah it's true sometimes they put 'untrue' news just to attract people buying their magazines...... but what can I do ... should I read Sport illustrate .. that rare give information about soccer ........ :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I just tell you what can I get and what I read, and if those articles are untrue, it's not my fault...... I just inform you what I got .... :( :( :( :(
A day or so ago I talked to Mattias about some of the rumours and found out that Nedved was hunted by Atl Madrid and they made him an offer that Cragnotti couldn´t counter. Instead Cragnotti said - Pavel it´s up to you where would you rather play. Pavel stayed although he would have made more money in Atl Madrid.

Nedved has always been one of the most devoted Lazio players and one of Cragnottis personal favs ( like Boksic ) and there is nooooooo way he´ll be leaving. It´s not worth the risk to look for a new left wing as there is no one better in Europe at the moment then Nedved ( yepp he´s better then Giggs ).

Can we please keep rumours at a minimum right now ??? I know it´s Cragnottis fault since he sold Vieri he has shown that everybody is for sale if the right money is put on the table. Remember this only 3 clubs can offer the right kind of money: Inter, Real and Milan. Juventus aren´t into buying expensiv players and neither are United.
I hope he will play in Lazio next season to.


serie a is the place to be


wish you stay here
You know what, Svennis, I'm absolutely agree with you BUT I don't want loss Nedved like thge way we missed Vieri, it was too soon and suddenly..... Cragnotti never talked it to fans, nor Eriksson (I guess..... because certainly Eriksson needed Vieri at that time)

Even Veron (the most important midfielder and the most player Cragnotti wants to thank to) said "I haven't talked to any other but you all know how the President is. He sold Vieri last season and his team won the league title. But I don't think he is going to do many changes to this team."

So I meant if I tell you this news, we will aware abotu this (silly) plan :) :) :) :) :)
I read about that news as well, but not from an English media - from a newspaper in my country, which is not known for gossips. Worse still, the article I read mentioned about Nedved's moving to ManUtd just as an additional info - as if it's already understood. That sounds more believable than had it been ThE NeWs!
The article was about Czech Republic and EURO 2000, and somewhere in the article it read 'Nedved, who is set to join Manchester United next season...'. I couldn't believe my eyes, and I still can't believe it! :(
So, I really, really, really hope that Kevin & Svennis are right! Let it be just rumors meant to ruin our victory!
Personally, from the attitude Nedved has shown to the team this season, he seems more than willing to stay. Moreover, he's one of Cragg's faves. So if the choice were up to him, I think he's gonna stay, and if it were up to Cragg, he's gonna stay too! :)
I don't understand why ManUtd want to buy him anyway...they've got Giggs (though he's much more inferior to Nedved ;) ) and it's keeper & defenders they need badly!
And Nedved should know better than to leave Lazio --> double winners, to join ManUtd which aren't going to win the league title next season (that's the 2-season cycle! They win it for 2 seasons, and then another club win for 1 season. Notice the cycle anyone? ;) )
Nedved,Veron,Nesta,Simeone...if Cragg is to sell any of these players he'd be commiting suicide.

Forza Lazio
Lo Scudetto & Coppa Italia 1999/2000
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If Cragnotti sell Nedved to MU, he must be crazy!! Why? Because Nedved is the best left winger in the world, even if he compare to Giggs!!
Nonsense! There's an interview with him in a recent issue of Lazialita', Lazio's offical magazine... One of the things he said was that he's very happy in Rome, loves Lazio very much and has no intention of leaving! It's just another bull****-story!
Please, don't let stupid rumours like these spoil everything. We've got better things to do, like celebrating!!! :)



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calm down Lazia .... I just said what I read ....
I think that's just a gossip, and everyone knows it!!!
Don't worry... I don't need to calm down, because I wasn't upset. I just wrote what I read in Lazialita'. :)

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