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Nedved sold! Rivaldo In!

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I just heared that Nedved has singed a contract with Barcelona and Rivaldo is coming to lazio, lazio gave also 15$ extra.
Van Gaal is staying and Nedved was always one of my favourite said Nuñèz who just confiremd he is staying for another year.
Nedved said that he would like to play more on a attacking role as a left winger and that his relationship with Eriksson was very bad, So he signed.
Rivaldo on the other hand wants to play behind the strikers and Van Gaal doesn't want to do that anymore, and thats why he wanted to leave.
Cragnotti said that Nedved wasn't in his plans anymore and Rivaldo was much better.
He also said that he will sell veron to Inter and also gives Salas to get back Vieri
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I live in Barcelona and my brother in-law is a technical director at Barca and he also was one of the negotiators.
So this is not made up by the media, the deal will be anounced on Saturday when the season is over for both clubs.
About the Veron-Salas-Vieri swap this was anouced because Rivaldo wanted no other playmker in the team
ok i admitt i made it up, i just wanted to see what you think of rivaldo and how important Nedved for Lazio is.
I am a parma fan so i don't really care, i think you shouldn't buy him, Lazio only needs 1 good striker, like Vieri or maby even hasselbaink
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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