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I heard this rumor on the same day I read about Nedved moving to ManUtd! :( :(
Can't we enjoy our celebrations for a while at least?
If it were up to Laziale and not Cragg, then Rivaldo shouldn't come here. Regardless of his footballing capability, he's the kinda player thatI dislike most.
BIG, BIG ego. He 'adjusted' his performance in Barca when things didn't go his way. He gave less commitment to the team. He's THE StaR! Is that the kinda players Lazio need? Nooo! No matter how good he is, one player doesn't make a team. With Veron alone we wouldn't have won the double. We need a team player.
And since Rivaldo costs us $$$$ - meaning we need to sell some players in the process, who still wants Rivaldo when that means Deki, Almeyda, Nedved, Veron are out! Nooo! :(
Barcelona this season? He hasn't really done that much, has he? Barca might not win any trophy this season! Even Barca fans want him out!
No no no to Rivaldo. :(
If only the Laziale can prevent this move by demosntrating outside the stadium...like what we did to prevent Beppe from moving a few years back...ThEn Cragg would realize that the fans don't want Rivaldo! Eriksson please, please tell Cragg that Rivaldo would do Lazio no good!

Forza Lazio
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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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